12 Types of Bad Girlfriends Who’ll Make Your Life Hell

Relationships can ever make you feel like life is absolutely worth living, but they also have the power to cast perpetual shades of darkness to your perspective. It really depends on the kinds of partners and relationships we end up with. Some of us are lucky enough to get relationships right the first time, and we never end up having to face the repercussions of broken hearts and volatile emotions. However, for those of us who aren’t so lucky, we know how incredibly traumatizing a bad relationship can be. There are many factors that can contribute to bad relationships, but a lot of times, it’s only because our chosen partner didn’t turn out to be the person we thought they were

There are just certain types of people who haven’t matured enough to be in stable and committed relationships. You should be wary of these kinds of people, and make sure to stay away from them when it comes to romance. You can save yourself a lot of emotional trauma if you can spot these girls out early on and mark them as dangerous territories. These are the kinds of girls who just need to grow and develop further before they are relationship-worthy, so until then, avoid them at all costs. Here are some examples of those kinds of girls:

1. The clingy girlfriend.

This is the kind of girl who you think would crumble whenever you’re not around. She is constantly asking to be in your presence, and she always demands your attention. It’s as if she’s virtually incapable of carrying on whenever you’re not together.

2. The overly dependent girlfriend.

This is the girl who you know would definitely not survive without you. She is the kind of woman who wouldn’t be able to sustain her standard of living if you weren’t together. She constantly asks you for support whether financially, intellectually, or emotionally.

3. The user-friendly girlfriend.

This is the kind of girl who only chooses to be with you so as long as her ulterior motives are fulfilled. She uses you only for what you can offer her. She loves you not because of who you are, but what you can give. If the day comes wherein you fail to provide for her, she would leave you in a heartbeat.

4. The constant nagger.

This is the girl who just can’t stop nagging about anything. They are pessimistic people who only see the glass as half-empty. They always mange to see the fault in things and they always expect the worst of people. They are constantly whining about every situation that they are in and they are practically the personification of the negative symbol.

5. The girlfriend with a misplaced sense of pride.

She is the girl who never apologizes. She thinks that she is above everyone else and no one is worthy of her. She thinks that she’s the kind of person who blesses people with her presence and attention. She also espouses a misplaced sense of entitlement.

6. The girl who has no direction in life.

This is the girl who just doesn’t have any future plans laid out for herself. She likes to live in the moment a little too much, and she doesn’t have an eye for the future. She is free-spirited, but she also seems like she’s lost and confused.

7. The demanding girlfriend.

This is the kind of girl who wants you to go to the moon and back for her. She demands so much of you; most of the time, even more than you can manage to give her.

8. They obnoxiously opinionated girl.

Make sure to always avoid the girl who has an opinion about absolutely everything. She never knows when to just keep her mouth shut and she often says things that are out of place or classless. She has no regard for other peoples’ feelings or the effects that her words can have on a particular situation.– Continue reading on the next page

9. The detective.

She’s practically the modern real-life female incarnation of Sherlock Holmes. She is quite the investigator when it comes to your activities and whereabouts. She never trusts you for your word, and so she always does a lot of digging to make sure that you’re telling the truth.

10. The girl who lets people walk all over her.

She’s a nice girl. But she’s too much of a nice girl. She always lets other people take advantage of her and she never stands up for herself. At the rate that she’s going, she’s going to end up letting everyone get ahead while she’s left behind living off scraps.

11. The girl who needs anger management.

Don’t date a girl who gets riled up over even the simplest things. You are only getting yourself into a relationship full of conflicts and arguments. It always pays to be with a girl who keeps a level head and doesn’t let her emotions get the best of her.

12. The girl who can’t commit.

If you constantly catch your girl eyeing other men even when she’s out with you, she’s bad news. You should only date girls who can commit to the idea of being with you, and they shouldn’t be entertaining the thought of other men.

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  1. Yes… I have been with #9 The detective girlfriend ??? seriously she could stock me allover to the point of where why I eat form a certain restaurant ???


  2. I was in a relationship like that, I was embarrassed by my ex’s abilities, because she was becoming dependent on me, and it was totally ruining her that she started neglecting herself and the relationship, I struggled for 2 years to get better but got worse and worse. own decisions in life without my swallowing. She broke up yesterday. She said that I was not ready to assume my responsibilities as a future husband and father of a family. Moj I learned not to be addicted to my partner. Thank you for this article 🔥🔥🔥

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