12 Unfortunate Signs That Your Boyfriend Is A Player

If these are true, he’s a player.

1. He asks you to send him nude pictures of you.

He sees you as some sort of sexual object for him. He doesn’t value your dignity. He doesn’t respect your boundaries. He feels entitled to having you in every way he imagines. He feels entitled to gaining access to all parts of your body whenever he likes. He doesn’t really see the person that you are underneath the shell of your exterior.

2. He tells you that he doesn’t want to put a label to your relationship.

He doesn’t really want to commit to you yet so he doesn’t want to define the relationship. He doesn’t want to make you feel secure about your spot in his life.

3. He doesn’t act nicely towards other people.

If a man acts nicely towards you but doesn’t do the same towards other people, then he isn’t a nice man. He is only acting nicely towards you because he wants to derive some kind of pleasure or use from you. But he would never be nice to anyone he doesn’t really need anything from.

4. He doesn’t take you out to be seen in public.

He really doesn’t want anyone to see that the both of you are together, because that would solidify things. That would make it seem too official. He still wants to project himself as someone who isn’t in a committed relationship just yet. He still wants to play the field and he can’t do that if he’s with you.

5. He has no real plans or ambitions in his life.

He doesn’t really have any plans or ambitions in life and that includes any long-term plans for your relationship. He isn’t really concerned about making things last with you. He doesn’t care much about trying his best to ensuring the longevity of your relationship. He’s just living in the moment and whatever pleasures he can get out of it. He has no real direction and he is a complete loser who you should just dump right now.

6. He flirts around with so many other girls even in your presence.

He still has a wandering eye even though he says he’s in a relationship with you. He won’t really commit to you because he’s still keeping his options open. He doesn’t really want to play that monogamy game. He’s only interested in collecting as many girls as he can. And you should make sure that you keep yourself guarded so that you don’t get victimized by his advances. You don’t deserve to be a mere option. You deserve to be a priority.

7. He constantly cancels on dates and plans with you.

He doesn’t really value your time. He only shows up whenever it suits him. He would never inconvenience himself for you but he would surely expect you to always be there for him. You can’t really rely on him to always be there, but he always makes you feel bad whenever you aren’t there for him. He is selfish and he is only using you for his own personal pleasures.

8. He constantly brings up his exes during your conversations.

For one, he shouldn’t be bringing up his exes at all if he’s totally serious about dating you. The fact that he still brings up his exes (even if he’s just bashing them) is a sign that he’s not entirely stable yet on an emotional level. He’s still harboring some unfinished business with his exes and he’s not emotionally equipped to be in a healthy relationship with you.

9. He tells you the things that you want to hear to get you to do what he wants.

He knows just what to say to get you to do whatever he wants. Be very careful of his flowery words. You have to make sure that you build up your defenses so that you don’t fall victim to this abusive and manipulative individual. Remember that players are boys who really know how to talk a good game. But they will never be able to follow through with real concrete actions of love.

10. He surrounds himself with a group of friends who are also players.

You are the company that you keep. And if most of his closest friends are players, then it’s highly likely that he’s a player too. The apple rarely ever falls far from the tree in this regard.

11. He has a history of cheating in his previous relationships.

Once a player, then always a player.

12. He constantly criticizes you for how you look.

It’s all about the aesthetics for him. He treats you like some pretty object to look at for his own pleasure. He always makes you feel bad whenever you’re not wearing a whole lot of make up or when you don’t spend extra time with your hair. He will make fun of you for not wearing nice clothes. He will only really appreciate you if you doll yourself up for his personal benefit.

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  1. NUMBER 8 – my ex boyfriend of 2 years once said he still loved and will always love his ex girlfriend (his first love) right in front of me. It stung so bad at the time when he said that and I wanted to cry but it was an emotional abusive relationship and I’m so glad its over

  2. Yeah, who came up with this? Some are obvious, but noone named most guys behavior that’s still overlooked. Like trying to seem hard, gangster. A man you are with wanting to see you naked, IS NOT SEEING YOU AS AN OBJECT👏👏👏 you can be into someone, attracted to, lust, passion, crush or desire. I get if its a rando dudo, yeah, It means he wants you, Im tired of hearing about men desiring their own women and somehow flipped as if THATS A BAD THING.

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