12 Ways He Shows He’s Into You Without Saying A Word

Intimacy doesn’t always have to come in the form of words. He can be saying so much without even having to utter a single phrase.

Intimacy is such a difficult thing to measure in a relationship. It’s not like there’s some kind of measuring device or tool that is specifically designed to help you figure out just how intimate you are with your partner. And of course, you are a human being. You are still prone to having your fair share of insecurities; feelings that lead you to doubt your own self-worth; fears that lead you to believe that he just isn’t as into you as you want him to be. That’s normal. And that’s why communication is a very important aspect of any kind of relationship. He should always be doing his part in letting you know just how much you mean to him; and you should also be doing your part in communicating your insecurities to him as well.

But alas, we live in a world where a lot of men are just plain bad at communicating – and women are left to figure out how they feel based on very little verbal information. However, what a lot of women don’t realize is that men are typically more physical communicators than verbal. He might not be intimate with you with his words, but there are other ways in which he can be expressing his intimacy towards you. You just have to be able to figure out what these things are, and you can be confident in the fact that your man is really into you.

1. He does his best to make you laugh or put a smile on your face.

He really invests himself in your happiness and overall well-being. He is the kind of guy who will do whatever he can to put a smile on your face. He does this because he considers your happiness to be his own happiness as well.

2. He always shows up whenever you tell him that you need him.

He never not delivers when it comes to you. He always makes sure that he’s someone you can rely on to be there for you whenever you need him.

3. He initiates the conversation by texting you first.

He doesn’t play coy with you. He doesn’t play hard to get. He doesn’t want to play any games. He doesn’t wait for you to send the first text. He wants to talk with you, and so he just goes right ahead and texts you

4. He doesn’t make you feel judged or condemned for making mistakes.

He acknowledges your humanity. He knows that you aren’t always going to be perfect, but he never makes you feel bad about whatever mistakes you might make in your relationship.

5. He puts a lot of effort into how he looks because he cares about how you see him.

He doesn’t take your attraction towards him for granted. He really puts a lot of effort into how he looks because he wants to always be earning your love and affection. He always wants to be working for your love.

6. He turns to you for advice on important things.

He really values your opinions. He really wants to hear your advice because he cares about you and he sees you as a valuable person in his life.

7. He shows you off to his friends and family.

He doesn’t make you feel like he is ashamed of you. He doesn’t make you feel like he just wants to hide you away. In fact, he does the opposite. He is so proud of being with you that he willingly shows you off to his closest friends and family. He really wants to integrate you into his life.

8. He proves his willingness to make compromises for you.

He loves what he has with you and he doesn’t want to throw it away. And so that’s why he understands the importance of making compromises when it comes to you. He knows he must always be willing to adjust if he’s going to accommodate you into his life.

9. He really listens to you and pays attention to whatever you have to say.

He makes a genuine effort to hear out whatever you have to say. He isn’t dismissive of your thoughts or feelings. He is always interested in hearing what’s on your mind and in your heart.

10. He gives you meaningful gifts and runs errands for you.

He is always thoughtful when it comes to you. Somehow, because of you, he no longer just thinks about himself. He isn’t selfish. He isn’t just thinking about his own personal needs and wants. He looks out for your needs as well – and he does whatever he can to make your life easier.

11. He likes to spend most of his time with you.

Naturally, he likes spending time with you because he really enjoys your company. He likes having you around and so that’s why he always carves time out of his schedule for you.

12. He encourages and motivates you to go after your dreams.

He really pushes you to be the best possible version of yourself. He inspires and motivates you every day that you’re together. He doesn’t hold you back from becoming who you want to be. He doesn’t act as an extra weight on your shoulders.

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