12 ways Real Men go the extra mile to show their Love

Chivalry the first thing that comes to your mind as you see or hear this word somewhere is, is it even alive today? You would be surprised to know how it has not become an extinct trait in men just yet, despite the odds. Humans are bound to evolve with time. In this age of teenage angst and grunge habits not to mention the lack of communication among the emotionally isolated and healthy brains we see some guy being decent and mistake it for flirting: that’s how rare decency and chivalry has become.

Women are not that hard to please after all. Their sensitive nature enables them to see the love and purity in simple gestures of love and sympathy. It is not rocket science to do random acts of kind chivalry to win their heats. Everyone is looking for a reason to smile, one way or the other. Why wouldn’t women?

These days, where dating rules have become so mediocre, it’s easy to be fazed by them, resulting in women thinking chivalry really is dead. However, there are quite a few acts of chivalry men still perform which make women’s hearts melt. Following is a quick look at some of them. By the end of it, you shall hopefully be able to realize that not all men are the same; some do care about little things to make women smile and genuinely feel good.

1. Coats and Smiles

Wrapping his coat over a woman’s shoulders is perhaps the oldest, most appreciated act of chivalry a man does. That moment when goosebumps on a woman’s arms settle down as the man next to her slips his coat over her shoulders, smiles are exchanged and a genuinely sweet ˜thank you’ is uttered and is meant, in every way that really melts women’s hearts, making them think inwardly that yes, perhaps chivalry isn’t dead after all.

2. Car Doors, Lending a Hand

Though a common gesture, women are pleased when a man opens car doors for them, lending them a hand for support as they step out. Even the stance of men as they do this boasts of courteousness.

3. You Can Have It

Sharing food can be a challenge. When a man says ˜here, you can have it’ and offers his food’s last bite, consider it as special for it’s not everyday that men share their food. When they do, it shows they are decent enough to make you the offer.

4. Surviving the Girly Time

When a guy chips in to watch some girly movie with you, go for a walk on the beach or with the dog in the park, instead of forcing you to play FIFA with him, or watching a baseball game on T.V., he gains extra points on women’s chivalry list.

5. Quality Time with Family

Gestures such as complimenting your mother’s cooking, teaching your younger brother how to play football, bringing daisies for your younger sister, going fishing with your father or even so much as sitting with your family and having a laugh with them all these gestures, though small, speak of deeper intentions on your guy’s part and are sure to melt women’s heart.

6. Unexpected Flowers

Even if a woman doesn’t like surprises, a man bringing her flowers unexpectedly, lets say, on his way back from work, can light up a woman’s face like the Fourth of July.

7. Being Protective

Although surprising when done at first, women find it affectionate when men situate themselves on the side of the road and the women by the side of the curb as they walk together. Just the thought of placing their safety before their own it melts women’s hearts like a summer sun melting cheese on the patio.

8. Filling up Gas Tanks

It is a sign your man has been raised and bred well when he fills your gas tank for you while out on a drive. It falls perfectly in the good-and-decent-man list; sure to earn a special place in women’s heart for that man.

9. The Cinderella Man

Women are very much capable of stepping off and on high grounds. However, when there is a step up and the man offers a hand for support, this simple gesture earns him a respectful place in the woman’s eyes.

10. Forehead Kisses

This is perhaps the simplest yet most on-demand gesture from men. It screams of compassion towards the woman. To be frozen in time as such an affectionate gesture is being directed to them how can women’s hearts do anything but swoon at that?

11. Compliments Go a Long Way

Women know when they look beautiful and when it’s a bad hair day. Nonetheless, hearing their man compliment them is sure to represent his genuine interest in them and his thoughtfulness and decency to say so.

12. That’s My Girl

Guys who have way of saying ˜that’s my girl’ go a long way keeping it on the winning side in women’s eyes. It’s not that women always look for that kind of ownership just that they like it when their man makes sure they aren’t to be taken for granted.

These little gestures and many more we seldom bother noticing that will make us think, chivalry is not an extinct species yet. Knights in shining armor men still exist. Its little things like these that count if only we know where to look.

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