12 Ways To Regain His Attention If You Lose It

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been seeing a guy for just the past couple of months or if you’ve been together for the past decade. Sometimes, you’re going to struggle with gaining his attention. Men typically have a tendency to lose interest in the things that they take for granted a lot. And that can be very sad especially in the realms of love. It can be very devastating to know that the man you’re in love with has somehow lost interest in you.

And be very careful to not go to the extremes to try to regain his attention because it may end up backfiring. You don’t want to be regaining his attention by acting crazily. You still have to make sure that you are conducting yourself with grace, class, and poise. You still need to be methodical and calculated in your approach to winning him back.

If you feel like your man is pulling away from you ever so slightly, then you don’t really have to panic just yet. Don’t resort to stalking or threatening him. Don’t be giving him ultimatums left and right. Don’t be hounding and suffocating him. You are only going to be driving him farther and farther away from you.

You don’t want to be making things worse than they already are. If you feel like your guy is somewhat distracted by other things that might be taking place in his life, then you need to do something to bring yourself back into the center of his attention. You don’t want him to be making you the ONLY aspect of his life but you still want to be made to feel like you’re a priority. You can’t just be so willing to be in a relationship with someone who deprioritizes you for other things every single time.

You don’t always have to be so drastic and dramatic when you’re trying to regain your guy’s attention. You just have to make sure that you stay patient and persistent. With enough time and dedication, you will be able to be the center of attention in your man’s life once more.

You just have to follow the following tips that are going to be listed in these articles. Things might seem very bleak and hopeless at the moment but you don’t need to fret. So as long as you’re still willing to fight for your relationship, there is always a chance to get things back on track.

Follow the tips that you’re going to read here and you will be sure to be in a better position in your relationship with regards to your man’s attention and interests.

1. Give him some space for a bit. Sometimes, a man is just really going to need a little space to breathe and be his own person. Once he realizes the gravity of your absence, he’s going to come crawling back.

2. Focus on yourself and your own life for a bit. Maybe the reason that your man has lost interest in you is that you have lost interest in yourself as well.

3. Just stop talking about the relationship for a while. When a guy establishes his distance, it might be because he wants to be alone with his thoughts for a bit.

4. Stay honest with him at all times. Once you give him time with his thoughts, you can then speak up and tell him about how you have been feeling.

5. Ask him to go out with a bunch of your friends. Maybe being surrounded by different people will be enough to ease the pressure and tension in your relationship a bit.

6. Once you’ve asked him out on a group outing, try taking him out where it’s just the two of you. Maybe the intimacy will be enough to restart his senses.

7. Give him a few compliments here and there. When you show him that you’re putting the effort in taking notice of his best traits, then he might do the same with you. It will force him to confront all of the positive feelings he has for you.

8. Make use of social media. Send him some NSFW text messages. Flirt with him online. Maybe you will be able to reconnect with him y using a different platform such as the online space.

9. Post a thirst trap photo. You know what we’re talking about. Make sure that he realizes what he’s going to miss out on if he makes the mistake of letting you go.

10. Be a challenge to him. Make him chase after you. Make sure that he realizes that you’re not going to be sticking around if he won’t be putting in the effort.

11. Refrain from being clingy. No guy is ever going to want that.

12. Show him some interest in return. Maybe the reason he has lost interest in you is that you haven’t been expressing any interest in him.

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