12 Weird Expectations He Secretly Has For You In The Relationship

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We all have expectations.

When you get into a relationship with someone, it’s only natural that you should have expectations for one another and for the relationship as a whole. Now whether or not these expectations are open or secret ones is an entirely different story altogether. Don’t even try to deny it. You know that you have got a few expectations for your man that you would never want to tell him about. These are expectations that you would rather just keep to yourself because you know just how weird or unusual they are. Sometimes, these expectations are even a wee bit unreasonable. And besides, these expectations aren’t total necessities or deal-breakers anyway. So you can just do without having to communicate them to your partner.

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But one thing that you also have to know is that your men is also guilty of having a weird set of secret expectations for you and the relationship. They aren’t all that different from you. They are too shy to communicate these expectations to you, of course; but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have them.

And if you’re feeling a little curious about what these expectations could possibly be, then go ahead and read on until the end of this article.

1. He wants you to act jealous and possessive in the relationship.

It feels nice to an extent. He wants you to act possessive with him because it makes him feel valued and wanted in the relationship. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it to the point where you limit his freedom.

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2. He wants you to support his goals no matter how superficial they may be.

He isn’t always going to have the best plans in life but he still wants you to show you support for him regardless.

3. He wants you to be okay if he doesn’t want to be so open and communicative sometimes.

He isn’t always going to be so comfortable with opening himself up about his feelings and emotions. And in those moments where he wants to be closed off, he hopes that you can understand and be patient with him.

4. He wants you to always greet him with a warm smile.

A smile can go a long way in making the person that you’re with feel happy and comfortable. He just constantly wants a positive relationship environment with you and that smarts with a smile.

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5. He wants you to actually take more control of the relationship.

He doesn’t want you to leave everything up to him. He doesn’t want to have to plan dates and vacations. He doesn’t want to have to always choose what movie you’re going to see.

6. He wants you to not expect him to reply to every single text message promptly.

He has his hands full and he can’t always be on his phone 24/7. He won’t always be able to respond to your text messages right away.

7. He wants you to offer to pay for dinner too.

He wants to do away with traditions. It’s different now than it was before. Women are allowed to have jobs now. In fact, women can fully support themselves financially. A man should not longer be expected to pay for dinner dates.

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8. He wants you to respect his needs for space and distance whenever he feels suffocated.

A man is going to value his freedom even if he’s going to be in a relationship. Yes, he is choosing to get tied down to you, but that doesn’t mean that he no longer values his freedom. He still wants his freedom to be respected.

9. He wants you to take a more active role in planning and decision-making.

Just because he’s the man doesn’t mean he likes having the pressure of constantly calling the shots in the relationship. He actually loves and respects you enough to be comfortable with having you steer the ship of the relationship.

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10. He wants you to give him your undivided attention.

He doesn’t want to come off as needy, but he secretly likes it whenever you give him all of your attention.

11. He wants you to be appreciative of his sense of fashion.

He doesn’t want to have to constantly dress up if he doesn’t want to and he hopes that you can accept his T-shirt and jeans personality.

12. He wants you to be patient with how things progress in the relationship.

He isn’t going to want to rush into anything that he’s not comfortable with. And he isn’t going to want to pressure you as well. There are some things that take time to develop and during those moments, he hopes that you won’t pressure him.

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13. He wants you to stop talking to your friends about the details of your relationship.

Most men that you are ever going to meet in life are likely to be discreet men. They don’t like drama and they don’t ever like involving themselves in gossip. So your man probably doesn’t like when you go off talking to your friends about the intimate aspects of your relationship.

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