12-Year-Old Girl Dies from Sick TikTok ‘Blackout Challenge’

The sad incident took place in Santa Fe, Argentina, where a 12-year-old bullied girl died after practicing a viral TikTok challenge at home.

Milagros Soto performed the challenge with her friends on a video call. Apparently, she received a WhatsApp message with a link to perform the challenge.

Soto was found dead in her room on Friday when her father arrived home from work.

The Viral game is also popular as Choking Challenge and Pass-out challenge on TikTok.

Speaking to the Argentinian TV station TeleNueve, Milagros’s aunt, Laura Luque, said her niece was being bullied at school and was heartbroken. She also tried to perform the challenge twice before, and both attempts were successful.

However, when she did it for the third time, something went wrong, and Soto lost her life while her friends watched her.

“The young girl reportedly choked to death at her home in the city of Capitán Bermúdez, Santa Fe Province, Argentina, on January 13,” per The Mirror.

Laura also said that she believes someone encouraged her to perform the challenge.

“We have a lot of doubts about everything that happened. She was a very smart girl. She suffered a lot of bullying,” the grieving aunt told TV station El Trece.

“She told us that nobody liked her at school because they said she looked pretty because she was blonde and had light blue eyes.”

“She was a happy person. Unbelievable. An excellent niece, granddaughter, daughter,” Laura said. “A very studious girl because we have nothing else to say because everyone here knew her as the girl who smiled with those big eyes.”

Daily Mail reported, “A copy of the autopsy obtained by the newspaper Clarín indicated that Soto’s death was caused by ‘mechanical asphyxia by hanging’ and that ‘there are no signs of abuse or third-party intervention.”

Police have taken Milagros’s cell phone and some other stuff present on her bed where she was found dead and are currently investigating if someone from her school was involved in the challenge.

“We are in a society where if you don’t do this, you’re not part of the group, if you don’t do what we tell you, you’re (worthless),” Soto’s aunt, Laura said.

“This is ongoing, it’s being investigated, and I’m not going to stop until I know what happened to Milli. All I know is that she wouldn’t have been able to take her own life.”

The poor girl was a student at School No. 223, Lieutenant General Pablo Riccieri. A spokesperson for the school remembered her as a great student who was always sweet and kind to her classmates.

“We support our student’s family in this terrible moment,” the statement read.

“This dangerous stunt encourages internet clout-seekers to asphyxiate themselves until passing out. Experts have warned that the bizarre viral trend is potentially dangerous — and can result in fainting, brain damage, seizures, and worse,” The Post wrote.

The challenge began viral in 2008 and started trending on TikTok in 2021. Soto isn’t the first child to lose her life in the deadly challenge. Reportedly, dozens of kids have died performing the choking challenge, all of whom were under the age of 12.

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  1. I think this is a very sad and tragic story. It is a reminder of the dangers of social media and online challenges. The risks associated with these challenges can be very serious and it’s important for parents to be aware of the potential dangers that their children can face online.

  2. So sad for them but I love them celebrating all that was good and light and giving hope to the world, she will live on in their hearts and memories and they will be reunited one day 🙏💖

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