12 Zodiac Pairings That Make For Great Long-Term Relationships

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The best pairings <3

1. Scorpio and Cancer

There is so much passion in this Zodiac pairing that it will be difficult for either of them to grow bored of the relationship. They are both willing and able emotional creatures who understand that they need to put in the necessary effort to make a relationship work. The Scorpio is going to be very committed and loyal while the Cancer is going to know how to keep things fresh.

2. Aries and Gemini

There is some good balance between these two Zodiac signs. An Aries is always going to be ambitious and goal-oriented whereas the Gemini is more free-spirited and casual. There is a healthy contrast of personalities there. They play off one another well, and they are essentially able to cancel out each other’s weaknesses. These two Zodiac signs really know how to complement one another.

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3. Sagittarius and Leo

The amount of sheer passion and intensity that goes into this relationship will be amazing. These are two very intense and adventurous Zodiac signs who are never afraid of mixing things up. There will be no shortage of excitement and exhilaration in this relationship at all. Both have a tendency to be a little over-the-top sometimes, but that also means that there are no limits to how much they are going to love one another.

4. Libra and Aries

An Aries is a workhorse and a dreamer. A Libra is a socialite and a diplomat. With these Zodiac pairing, you are essentially getting a visionary and a leader all in one. Both of these Zodiac signs know how to get stuff done, albeit, with different approaches. An Aries is more tactical and methodical whereas a Libra is more socially inclined. Together, they just make a great team overall.

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5. Pisces and Scorpio

It’s virtually a yin-yang situation whenever these two Zodiac signs get together. A Pisces is generally more reserved and conservative. And then you have a Scorpio who brings intensity, passion, and resilience into the mix. This is a perfect case of opposites attracting. Wherever one lacks, the other is able to make up for it. Sure, there will be some clashes along the way, but that also means that they can grow with each other.

6. Virgo and Aquarius

It’s always a good time whenever these two signs pair up. A Virgo’s high standards will always be met with an Aquarius’s sheer intelligence and wisdom. There are very few signs that will be able to challenge the Aquarius in an intellectual capacity; and a Virgo is never one who shies away from issuing challenges.

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7. Aries and Capricorn

There is so much ambition with this Zodiac pairing. Both of these signs are fairly similar. They both dream big and they also both understand the value of hard work. This is as close to a power couple as you can get. They are very goal-oriented and they are never going to back down from a challenge. And so you know that they would be willing to work through whatever problems they might face in their relationship.

8. Pisces and Cancer

There is a healthy dynamic between these two signs that just works. From the outside, they look like they would never work out together. They are both sensitive and highly emotional as individuals. It would seem counterintuitive for two weak personalities to get together. But the opposite is true. They both give each other strength when they are in love.

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9. Gemini and Virgo

The brainpower that is present in this Zodiac pairing is unbelievable. The Gemini is one who is always known to be flexible. They know how to adapt to various circumstances and situations. The Virgo is a natural problem solver and they always know how to gather valuable perspective. Together, there are very little things that these two can’t solve.

10. Capricorn and Aquarius

This is the classic power combination of the charismatic leader and the innovative thinker. The Capricorn has the charm and the drive to really set the direction for the relationship. But the Aquarius brings valuable perspective and rationality in the equation that the Capricorn might be missing sometimes.

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11. Taurus and Virgo

Talk about stability and loyalty. These two Zodiac signs are going to be as loyal to one another as possible. When they get together, they really stay together because of their sheer commitment to each other and to the relationship. These two signs are just to stubborn to give up. Sure, they’ll get into fights fairly often, but they’ll always find a way to work through these conflicts.

12. Sagittarius and Taurus

This is another classic case of having opposites attract. A Taurus hates change and they always like to stay within their comfort zones. A Sagittarius hates routines and they always want to be immersing themselves in the unfamiliar. The Taurus can teach a Sagittarius how to be more loyal and committed. The Sagittarius can teach the Taurus to be more adventurous and open-minded.

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