13 Clear cut Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Hasn’t Moved On From You

1. He still tries to stay in touch with you. If you guys have already broken up, then there should be no reason for him to still want to engage in constant communication with you. He should be living his own life without you at this point.

2. He always manufactures ways to bump into you out of the blue. He is always looking to just “randomly” bump into you in public even when there’s really no reason for you to be in that same place after all. He’s desperate and he’s just trying to come into contact with you.

3. He still tries to fish for details about you and your life by asking other people that you both know. He still wants to be in the loop with your life. He still wants to make sure that he knows what you’re up to. He still feels incredibly invested in your life.

4. He still tries to stay in touch with the people in your life that he shouldn’t really have any connections with at this point. Of course, when you got into a relationship, your social lives might have merged somewhat. But he doesn’t want to lose that connection with you. He’s still holding on to those mutual relationships even if your relationship has already ended.

5. He asks a lot of questions to other people whenever he discovers that you’ve been dating. He really wants to keep tabs on your romantic life because he hasn’t let you go just yet. He still thinks that the two of you can still get back together. But he wants to make sure that he’s not competing with anyone else for your heart.

6. He puts a lot of effort into making it seem like he has changed since the two of you have broken up. He knows that the two of you broke up for a reason or two. But he wants you to think that he’s actually worth taking another chance on. He wants to convince you that he’s a guy worth starting things up with again. That’s why he will make it seem like he’s not the same guy as the one you broke up with.

7. He goes out of his way to make you jealous. And you see it all over his social media. He makes it seem like he’s living that great life. He will make it seem like he’s enjoying a world without you in it. He’s just trying to put on an image of happiness so that you might think you’re missing out on that happiness too. He wants to make you regret your breakup.

8. He refuses to abide by the “no contact” rule with you. Naturally, when a lot of couples break up, they establish a kind of rule wherein they bar contact from one another. A breakup is usually an opportunity for two people to establish some space from each other. But he doesn’t honour that rule with you at all. He still wants to be in your life as much as possible.

9. He is constantly interacting with you on social media. Whenever you post a new photo, he is always so quick to give it a comment. Whenever he sees you pop up online, he’s going to try to chat things up with you. He will like every single post you make in an effort to make you notice him more.

10. He completely avoids you. Yes, just because he hasn’t been reaching out to you doesn’t mean that he’s over you. It just might mean that he’s TRYING to get over you. He’s desperately trying to move on from you and he knows he can’t do so if he’s always around you. He wants to stay away from you so that he can try to forget about his feelings for you.

11. He always texts or calls you whenever he’s drunk. You know what they say: a drunk mind speaks sober thoughts. He might not be reaching out to you when he’s sober. But when he’s drunk, he just can’t help himself. The heart wants what it wants. And he definitely still wants you.

12. He refuses to go on dates even when the two of you have already been broken up for quite a while. At some point, both of you have to get back out there into the dating world. But he’s not ready to do so. He still wants to make himself available to you. He still wants to save himself for you in the hopes that you’re still interested.

13. He still tries to do things for you. He still goes out of his way to make your life easier. He still tries to act like your boyfriend even though he knows that he isn’t anymore.

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