13 Habits That Girls Do But Would Never Admit To

Girls will never admit.

The female brain is quite a fascinating object. It’s capable of producing the most interesting and peculiar ideas. In fact, there’s a certain entertainment factor that’s there when you really get to take a peek inside a woman’s mind. To some weird extent, it’s the slight insanity in our minds that really helps us cope with the insanity of the world. And these weird little thoughts can often lead us to do some weird things that we would never admit to out of mere shame. Here are 15 habits that girls do but would never admit to:

1. Eye other girls from head to foot.

Women check out other women. It’s just something that girls do. It’s not necessarily scouting the competition. But it’s still something that could be considered as peculiar.

2. Stalk guys they barely know in an obsessive manner.

Women can be the scariest and creepiest stalkers you could ever meet in this life. It’s such a common thing especially nowadays with the internet. It’s just so easy to practically find out about a person’s entire life story with just a few clicks of a button. And when a woman is motivated enough to actually put in the effort to learning about a person, then there’s no stopping them.

3. Lie about how they don’t really care about the size of their breasts.

Every woman cares about their breast size.


4. Play with their breasts whenever they’re alone.

Breasts are such weird random blobs and yet men seem to love them so much. What’s all the fuss? It doesn’t escape a woman’s brain to try and play with them when she’s alone.

5. Play with their more private parts down there.

Just because a woman doesn’t have her male partner with her doesn’t mean that she can’t have some sexual fun on her own. Female masturbation is probably not as rampant as guys’, but it’s also probably not as uncommon as you may have been led to believe.

6. Stand in front of a mirror while naked.

The naked body is ironically something that you rarely ever get to see. Most of the time, when you’re interacting with others, or when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, clothes are involved. And so it’s no surprise that lots of women just stand in front of the mirror in the nude just to take it all in.

7. Purposely ignore the boys they have crushes on in the hopes that they notice.

There’s this weird game that women tend to play around the boys that they like. They will act so nonchalant and disinterested. They will feign detachment in the hopes that these techniques will manage to grab the attention of the boys that they like.

8. Head out without taking a shower.

As long as they don’t smell bad or look haggard, why even take a shower right? Just a few drops of perfume and a few brushes of the hair. Ready to go.

9. Wear the same outfit twice in one week to different places.

It would be such a waste of a good outfit if she wore it to the mall and no one managed to see her wear it. Why not wear it to another place too? It shouldn’t hurt as long as no one sees her in that outfit twice in a week.

10. Go to bed at night without removing their makeup and wake up the next day ready to go after a quick retouch.

No one would ever know. It’s time-saving and it’s a wonder why not a lot of women would openly admit this.

11. Practice mannerisms and facial expressions in front of a mirror.

She wants to make sure that she’s always presentable. She doesn’t want to leave anything to chance and so she wants to practice her various looks by herself before she presents the final product to the public.

12. Scoff at cheesy dating or romance videos on social media while secretly hoping that they were the subject of those videos.

She will try to play it cool and say that those romantic viral videos don’t really have much of an effect on her. In fact, she might say that they’re corny. But deep down inside, she secretly hopes that she gets to be in one of those videos someday.

13. Obsessively take personality quizzes or tests on the internet and only publishing those with results they like

She doesn’t want to publish that personality test that told her that she’s arrogant and self-centered. She will only want to publish the one that says that she’s driven and ambitious with how she lives life.

We’re pretty sure that there are many other weird habits that a lot of girls do. But if we tried to list them all on here, then it’s highly unlikely that this list would ever end. These are but a few interestingly weird ideas and habits that girls would never admit to doing.

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