13 Little Things That Fully Restored My Faith In Love

When I was a teenager, there was a time when I had given up on the idea of love, every other person I met was either breaking up or cheating. I saw friends cry and mourn; it scared the hell out of me. Being a teenager wasn’t easy either, I had no idea how to behave like a kid and a responsible adult at the same time. I had huge arguments with my parents and family, no one seemed to understand me. The world was a huge mess and everyone was wrong, except me. The hormonal changes added to my mood swings.

I had decided to block the word and feeling ˜LOVE’ out of my life for good. Soon, the hormones wore off and I could think and see clearly. I realised that the world I lived in was beautiful and so were the people in it. Love could be seen everywhere, I just needed to look harder. I was now falling hard for this guy that also was my childhood friend and he was everything I ever wanted. I am not a person that gives preference to looks, but he was perfect. P.S (we are married now and I am the happiest human on earth!).

Love was all around me, here are 13 little things that restored my faith in love.

  1. Love is when the restaurant knows your order

I went to a restaurant and this couple walked in and the whole staff knew them. The waiter also knew their order and had food served on their table right away. They had been to that place so many times that the restaurant was just as good as home. #awesome

  1. Love is when he makes the most unexpected compliment

Okay, so you all might think that I am out of my mind here but, I find the right half of my face crooked as compared to the left half, which according to me has more symmetry, if that makes any sense. I usually don’t care, but this guy I crushed on was so special and I became so self-conscious around him.

Whenever we hung, out I sat by his right side, this way the left side of my face would be exposed to him. I would usually cover the right side of my face with my bangs. One day he just brushed my bangs off my face and said, ˜I find this side of your face so beautiful why do you always hide it behind these bangs?’ It might not seem much but it completely swooned me off my feet.

  1. Love is sharing food

I love food, and no, I absolutely do not like to share my food with anyone. My husband is so different, no matter what it was; no matter what he gets for himself, he would split it right down the middle. I personally have a hard time sharing my food with anyone.

  1. Love is loving one another everyday

My parents have been married since 1993 and they have loved one another each day. The way they respect one another gives a new meaning and perspective to love. No matter how busy, angry or tensed you are, you always have time for love. I need to learn from them!

  1. Love is when he deals with my tantrums

Every month, a special friend visits us ladies and unleashes a mini earthquake in our lives, it leaves us with the emotional stability of a three year old. My husband has always been there for me, bringing me chocolates, making me coffee and yeah, back rubs! I don’t know about you, but I find this so hot!

  1. Love is when he shares his blanket with me

He is above six feet tall, the blanket hardly covers him. He still shares his blanket with me, instead of telling me to get one for myself. Sometimes, I feel so selfish that I don’t grab an extra pair of covers because I absolutely love it when he does this!

  1. When I see a soldier come back home

After being on duty for months, followed by bad food and night duties, it’s heartwarming when a soldier comes back home and runs into the arms of his lady love. All that masculinity just melts away and he is nothing more than an ice cube in the palm of her hands.

  1. Love is not being able to keep a secret

I know this isn’t the wisest thing to do but I just can’t help it, I love to gossip and my husband is my best friend and I cannot keep a secret from him. So, if you tell me, he knows!

  1. Love is when you love a person for who they are

You love them for better and for worse and wouldn’t change a thing about them. The realisation that it’s their imperfection that makes them perfect! Reminded me of the movie, ˜The Vow’.

  1. Love is watching a couple crack jokes

I saw a couple cracking jokes; I could see how infectious the woman’s laugh was to the man. Her laugh was his own personalВ drug of choice.

  1. Love is when you see them carrying their baby

A woman is the one who carries her baby in her womb but no one realises that it’s the man who carries them both on his shoulders. I am pretty sure if he could, he would lay down a red carpet for his wife to walk on, the way he looks at is her is priceless!

  1. Love is being the best stress reliever and anti-depressant

Often, we see a couple unwinding after a hard day, at a restaurant or a park still dressed up, laughing and holding hands. Who needs stress relievers when you have love?

  1. Love is being home in each other’s arms

No matter where I am, if I am with him, I am home. It’s that feeling of ultimate protection and oneness with one another.

These things made me realise that true love exists and it’s a feeling when you become one with your partner. You might not complete each other’s sentences but when they walk away, a part of your soul walks away with them.

Do you agree?

Have you tried any or all of these? Do you have your own little thing to add that you share with your love? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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