13 Questions Men Are Sick Of Being Asked

“You think she’s pretty, don’t you?”

1. So where is this thing between us going to lead?

Don’t ever pressure a man into taking the relationship to the next level. While it is healthy for you to discuss the future of your relationship, you should never push a man into it especially when he’s clearly uncomfortable about the issue. Let him take his time and think about it more; and stop pestering him about it until he’s ready.

2.Why did you like her profile picture on Facebook?

You should always allow your man the opportunity to have other lady friends. Just because you happen to be his girlfriend doesn’t mean he loses the right to have other female friends too. If he interacts with these girls or likes their posts on social media, you shouldn’t automatically assume that he’s cheating on you.

3. Do we really have to spend time with your parents?

Yes, you do. His parents mean the world to him and you should always take that seriously. If you truly loved him, then you would always make a constant effort to have his parents like you. You should never be content with getting on his parents’ bad side. That won’t bode too well for your relationship.

4. Why don’t you start trying to be more like x?

A man will always hate being criticized. He hates it all the more when it is done in a manner that pits him against another man. Men are naturally protective and territorial beings and they don’t like it when their girlfriends compare them to other men. It makes them feel like they still have to compete for your affections.

5. Can I have some?

If you wanted to eat his food, then you should have ordered some for yourself beforehand. A lot of men take their mealtimes seriously, and they always order the right amount of food for themselves. If you charge on a man’s plate, he will be forced to oblige with you even when he doesn’t want to.

6. Who do you text all the time?

Who your boyfriend is texting shouldn’t necessarily be your concern unless there is special cause for worry. He should be allowed to text people who aren’t you. Always remember that the best kinds of union have couples who actually engage in lives outside their own relationship. You should be happy that he has a social life outside of you.

7. Are you really going to wear that for tonight?

Yes, he is. That is the very reason why he put it on in the first place. If you don’t like his outfit or if you think that it’s inappropriate, then let him know and explain it to him nicely. This passive aggressive approach to getting him to change his clothes can get very irritating.

8. So when are you coming to bed?

He will come to bed when he’s good and ready. Sometimes, a man still has some work to do. Sometimes, he wants to play some video games or read a few chapters of his book before going to bed. Sometimes, he isn’t really sleepy yet. Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t be forcing him to join you in bed even though he isn’t ready.

9. Why are you so unromantic?

It can be very hard for some men to develop their skills in romance and cheesiness. Not everyone in real life is going to be a Nicholas Sparks character. You have to understand that your boyfriend isn’t perfect and that he is going to have his own personal flaws. If he isn’t romantic, don’t blame him. That’s just part of his personality.

10. When do you think you’re going to start growing up?

This is such a condescending and demeaning way to motivate your boyfriend. You can push him to become a more mature and better person by using friendlier and more constructive language. If you ask a question like this, it really adds no value to the relationship, nor does it fix the troubles that you are having with each other.

11. Why do you like hanging out with him?

Your boyfriend is going to have his own share of friends. Some of them, you will be fond of. Some of them, you won’t necessarily like. When you happen to meet a friend of his that you don’t really like, you don’t really have the right to question him about it. Respect the fact that he has his friends and that you have your own as well.

12. You think she’s pretty, don’t you?

It’s a trap. Don’t ever try to trap your man into answering this question. It’s mean. He doesn’t want to lie to you because he always want to be honest when it comes to you. But he also knows that his honesty could lead to a big argument. You are only asking for trouble when you ask questions like this.

13. Why are you mad?

A man isn’t always mad. Just because he’s quiet and doing nothing doesn’t mean he’s automatically mad or upset. He may be just spacing out as is a normal custom among most men. Don’t take his nonchalant attitude to mean that he’s mad at you.

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