13 Reasons You And Your Partner Should Be Intimate More Often

We all know by now that sex happens to be the pinnacle of human intimacy. It’s the ultimate physical expression for passion and affection towards another person. And that’s why it’s always important for couples to be maintaining healthy and active sex lives in their relationships. Of course, not all couples are going to be having sex all of the time. And that’s okay; maybe it’s what suits their personalities. However, there are a lot of different reasons that you and your partner should be having sex at least once every day.

1. Sex ultimately strengthens the bond within a relationship.

When you have sex with your partner, you are essentially going on a journey with each other as you navigate one another’s bodies. It’s also the ultimate physical expression of the love and affection that you have for each other. You always want to be finding new ways to express your feelings for one another – and sex is a really great option.

2. You’re going to get a really good night’s sleep because of sex.

When you have heightened sexual activity, your body is going to release certain hormones that will lead you to feeling relaxed and at ease. And once you feel so relaxed, falling asleep becomes much easier. So, if you have some trouble with trying to catch some sleep at night, then you should probably give sex a try.

3. Sudden drop in your sex drive

When there is a sudden drop in your sex drive, then you know that something is wrong; not just in your relationship but possibly, in your body as well. Having a lack of desire to have sex could show a problem with your body’s libido levels. And if you’re having sex all of the time, then this problem would be easier to spot and quicker to treat.

4. Sex promotes great prostate health on the side of men.

When a man fails to ejaculate for a prolonged period of time, then he is putting himself at risk of developing prostate cancer. That’s why it’s good when a man and his partner are engaging in consistent sexual activity. It dramatically lowers his risk for prostate cancer.

5. Sex is also a really great form of exercise.

Science has shown that you need at least 30 minutes of high-intensity cardiovascular activity every day. Why not make use of 30 minutes with your partner to get your hearts healthier by making love to one another in bed? You get to literally and figuratively strengthen your hearts for one another.

6. Making love can really help regulate the blood pressure in your body.

When you are having sex with your partner, you are really promoting healthy blood flow. And when there is healthy blood flow, it helps relieve high blood pressure.

7. Sex can really put you in the best of moods.

First of all, sex feels great in the act of doing it. And it leaves you in a better mood once you’re done as well. You can curb your crankiness by having sex with your partner. When you are making love, you release a lot of happy hormones. And you’re going to feel an almost instant improvement in your mood immediately after sex.

8. Sex can also help lower the stress levels in a person’s body.

That’s why sex is always a great activity to partake in when you are particularly feeling overwhelmed with life’s problems and challenges. You would be surprised at how relaxed you would feel after you have sex with your partner.

9. Experiencing Pain in the Body

When you are experiencing some aches and pains in your body, sex is a great way to curb all of those things. When you have sex, it releases natural hormones within your body that gives the same effects as painkillers. You forget about these annoying aches for a while when you’re making love to your partner.

10. Sex can really help in boosting your immune system.

Remember that sex is an activity that stimulates blood flow. And when you have efficient blood flow in your body, it helps germ-fighting cells circulate all throughout your bodily systems to fight off diseases and harmful bacteria.

11.  Sex Can Release Some Active Hormones

Sex can also release some active hormones that can vastly improve the condition of your skin. This is more colloquially known as the “after-sex glow” that a lot of people attribute to those who have really healthy looking skin.

12. Sex can help manage depression in a person.

Remember that sex also has the ability to release happy hormones in the body. And when these happy hormones are triggered, it can make a person much less prone to falling into the unfortunate traps of depression.

13. And, when it feels good.

It feels good. This is the most important reason. And in life, you should constantly be looking for healthy ways to feel good. And there’s nothing unhealthy about making love with your partner.

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