13 Signs He Is Now More Than Just a Crush

Gone are the days when you would wait for him to text first or he would wait for you to text first.

Crush does not turn into love after informing you; it just happens gradually. Without you even noticing, that guy you liked turns into the guy you cannot be without. How to know if things have evolved between you two? Here are some changes that take place that will tell you that he is now more than just a crush.

  1. You Pay More Attention Than You Ever Did:

Everything that he says now holds more importance to you than it ever did. The plans he makes and the opinions he gives stay in your mind for analysis before being forgotten. When you listen to him talk, you actually listen to him in a way you never did before.

  1. Texts Are Now Meaningful:

The texts you two exchange now mean something. The casual flirting and small talk are a thing of the past. Talking to him actually makes you feel like you are talking to your best friend, to whom you can tell anything and everything. Conversations go on a deeper lever like they never did before.

  1. There Is No Waiting:

Gone are the days when you would wait for him to text first or he would wait for you to text first. Things have evolved and there is no point waiting for the other one to text first. Whoever feels like talking hits the other one up. An egoless relationship is what tells you that it has some meaning now.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. He Is The Only Guy:

Remember when you would dream of meeting your celebrity crush one day and drool over other hot guys? Well, that won’t happen anymore if your mind is completely on him. He will seem to be the only one to matter and you will only wish to hangout with him, and no one else, more often.

  1. Little things Mean More:

You are ready to meet him even for ten hasty minutes before work even if it means getting late. It used to be proper dress up parties before but now, all that matters is a quick rendezvous to get you going. Little things start meaning more is when you know that things have evolved.

  1. Increased Comfort Level:

You used to make sure that he would never ever see your face without makeup or your hair done nicely but now, you are really comfortable around him. You can be your true self around him without the fear of being judged because that is how much you have come close to him.

  1. He Calls You:

Texting for hours is a common moveshit gets serious when he calls you only to hear your voice and to see if you are doing okay. People who are genuinely interested in each other make the effort of calling. You know he is really into you when he calls randomly, especially if calls give him anxiety.

  1. You Are Dying To Express Your Feelings:

When you are around him, it gets a little awkward because of all the feelings you (or both of you) are holding inside. All you want to do is make him stop talking and talk your heart out. But you cannot do so because you are not certain how he will react. But the mere existence of this feeling tells you that there is something more going on.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Does He Like Me Too?

You start looking for small signs of him being interested in you. We want to make sure that the other person is willing to reciprocate the feelings we have for them before we express ours. If you do so then you are 100% under influence of the mighty cupid who is resting on your head 24/7 and waiting for the arrow in your heart to do its magic.

  1. You Know He Will Get Back To You:

Back when he was just a crush, you would crazily wait for his replies and freak out when he would ignore you. But now that he has become more than just a crush, you wait patiently because you know that he will get back to you no matter what. You find yourself at peace because of increased confidence in him.

  1. ˜We’ More Than ˜Me’:

Your conversations have had a major change: me has become we. When talking about him, you tell people how ˜both of you’ like to do that thing ˜together’. Moreover, he starts doing the same only to make you dance with happiness.

  1. You Are Yourself Around Him:

You are around him what you are around yourself. You don’t mind doing your hair in front of him or eating a big burger in front of him which requires you to open your mouth up and wide; the comfort level is just next-level. There is no faked courtesy around him.

  1. The Thought Of Losing Him Runs Shivers Down Your Spine:

You cannot even imagine being away from him now. You are bummed big time when plans get cancelled with him and you cannot even imagine what you would do without him. Such a connection is the biggest sign of him being something more than just a crush.

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