13 Signs He’ll Love You No Matter What (If He Does #9 Never Let Him Go)

Whether you are high maintenance, are way out of his league, or just not the lovey-dovey type it doesn’t matter when your guy is a keeper and loves you for who you are, despite your highs and lows, your flaws and cracks. To live in a world as judgmental as we do, it becomes pretty challenging to love ourselves and even harder to let someone else love us. So when you find yourself in that place yet your guy is there for you through all of it and rather than backing off, sticks by with you all the more, then he is definitely a keeper.

Therefore, he will exhibit a lot of signs that he isn’t your run-of-the-mill, average sort of guy. So here is a simplistic list to find out the quality of the guy you’re with and to evaluate his love and devotion for you.

1. Your bad haircut doesn’t faze him

Ever had that awkward when you are in a public place and some random person tells you that your hair is not set properly? Now unless you are an advocate of being straightforward, you will feel a bit embarrassed or a bit nervous, in the least, about that. You will feel all eyes at you whether they are actually on you or not. But then you go home, and your guy tells you you look beautiful and you see that glint of sincerity and the brevity in his voice and you just know, he is speaking his mind.

If that brings a warm tingly little feeling in your heart then you are on solid ground in the matters of the heart and your guy truly loves you even the you who comes home all sweaty and beaten from the day’s work and wearing her hair all upside down. Call it goofy, but it works for him and he is fine with the way your heart looks more so than your hair does. We all know the looks-fade-but-personality-lasts maxim yet we all seem to forget it from time to time, don’t we? The weather is rough so your hair looks bad. You have that party to attend to but the people at the salon couldn’t get your hair right and that gives you a funny, weird look.

But after the fuss is created, you come home and your guy passes some offbeat and nice remark that just blows you away and you’re all like ˜but I look so weird, how can he find me beautiful even though I look like this’ And you think that is a clear sign of your guy’s unconditional love for you.

2. You’re beautiful to him even with or without makeup

To cover up our facial flaws with just the stroke of a brush? Which girl doesn’t want that? Well, most do anyway, if not all. But if the man who says he loves you takes your face in his hands, a face showing all its flaws and imperfections with no makeup on and tells you he loves you he does trust him, he does.

He is not just in love then, he is smitten. Maybe when someone comes along and loves us in such a pure manner, it will make us learn to love ourselves through their eyes we will see our true worth and love ourselves a little better.

3. You aging won’t bother him either

Sometimes, you might find yourself at that place where you just do not like the way you look. It is a psychological fact that when you look nice on the outside, you feel nice on the inside too. The opposite is true as well. Therefore, when you feel you do not look perfect or need some makeup to hide those dark circles from lack of sleep last night, you go and put some on. But go back a bit now. Even when you did not apply all that makeup and your dark circles were showing perfectly, did he love you just a little less? Did he tell you you are not as flawless and perfect to him as you see with some makeup on? The fact that he did not is the matter speaking for itself.

Even if you have scars all across your skin, he will not see them as weaknesses but as symbols of survival a living proof of all the tough times you faced in the past and got through. He will not see such flaws on your body as something to degrade you on but quite the opposite; they will just make him love you more. So you look a bit older after your 30th birthday. You start to become lazy. Wrinkles appear on your face and the whole I’m-growing-old-already thing starts to freak you out a lot.

In the background, however, your guy keeps reminding you how much you mean to him no matter your age, because he will love you despite. In a way, he will actually make him believe that yes, age is just a number after all. The way he will show his devotion and respect for you will make you realize that hearts don’t measure love by clocks but by transformation; of one person due to the other. Your wrinkles show memories to him instead of all the good time you got the chance to be a part of so you start seeing your wrinkles as timeline markers, not as something negative.

4. Your weight’s just a number to him

She’s too fat. She’s too thin. She’s too white. She’s too tan. She’s too short. She’s too tallbut what about her heart?

Is it also restricted by such materialistic and worth-nothing labels? If your guy does not seem to think it is, knows that his love for you is undying. He could not care any less if you were underweight or overweight he sees the beauty of your head and heart, literally. He might find the chubbiness on you cute and adorable, but never a good reason for him to love you a little less or respect you a little less. They say it absolutely right anyway true beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Go figure.

The most basic way to tell if someone truly loves you is by way their way of seeing your soul, not your body. Sure, we all know bodies wither away and grow weak. But the soul is what actually holds the charisma forever. When someone falls in love with your soul, it speaks for their personality as well.

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