13 Signs That You Are A Demisexual

Are you demisexual?

What is a demisexual, you may ask? Well, that is exactly the question that this article seeks to answer. In a nutshell, demisexuality is essentially a cross between sexuality and asexuality. And while that may be enough to give you a general idea of what demisexuality is, it doesn’t necessarily give you the whole picture. A lot of experts would describe demisexuality to be a state of sexuality that is manifested through a person’s reluctance to become sexually attracted to someone without first establishing a strong emotional connection.

Do you feel like you’re a demisexual person? Not entirely sure? Well, if a lot of the signs on this list apply to you, then you’re probably demisexual.

1. You never get into a romantic relationship without first establishing a solid friendship.

It’s much more important for you to be friends with people first before you think of dating them. This is the case for you because you find it incredibly important that you have a strong emotional bond and connection with a person before you can become romantically involved.

2. The idea of sex doesn’t always necessarily turn you on.

Sex in itself isn’t automatically going to be a turn-on for you. As a demisexual, you see sex as a purely physical manifestation of something that is greater and more noble. You place more premium and importance in emotional bonds than you do in physical ones.

3. You are more enticed by the idea of just sleeping together than making love.

Your idea of sleeping together is more enticing when there is more sleeping involved than anything else. You would love to establish a physical warmth with a person through cuddling and slow intimacy.

4. You are completely grossed out by the idea of one-night stands.

You hate the idea of one-night stands and you don’t understand how people could possibly find any pleasure from that kind of experience. You would find it practically impossible to derive any satisfaction from a single night of physical intimacy with someone without first establishing a strong emotional connection with someone.

5. You are more motivated by love than you are by lust.

While a lot of people are initially attracted to others with aesthetic pleasures, you aren’t necessarily the same. You are more motivated by your capacity to love and be loved in return when you approach relationships.

6. You find it difficult to understand your friends sometimes.

You find it really hard to relate with your friends in matters that concern sex and relationships. This is purely because you take a very unique and rare approach to relationships and so that’s why you often find yourself alone on an island.

7. You could live without constant sex in a relationship.

There are plenty of modern couples who just couldn’t possibly go on in their relationships without having a constantly exciting and active sex life. But with you as a demisexual, you couldn’t care less about how often you and your partner would have sexual relations.

8. You are more turned on by a person’s personality more than their looks.

The most attractive thing that you could possibly find in other people is their personality. Their looks would always take a backseat to their character.

9. You know that it’s never a normal thing when you like someone.

You know that when you’re sure that you develop a strong romantic liking for someone, it’s no small matter at all. It takes a great big deal for anyone to gain your romantic interest, and so you know that you should never take your own personal feelings and emotions for granted. You never underestimate your feelings.

10. You aren’t one who is known to shy away from commitment.

Commitment is practically something that you know is inherent in any strong relationship. It’s not something that you shy away from; in fact, you see it as some sort of a privilege to really find and meet a person you would eventually want to commit yourself to.

11. You get a natural high out of quality conversations.

You are more turned on by a long night of a seamless conversation with a single person than you would be by a long night in the bedroom with someone. Communication is very important to you because you know that it’s key to building strong emotional connections.

12. You’re not really fond of the flirting game.

You don’t really flirt with anyone because that’s not how you approach relationships. You only ever really get into relationships as a result of friendships that develop. You aren’t the type of person who would go out searching for potential mates at the bar.

13. You don’t care much for adult movies.

Adult movies don’t really do much for you because you know that it is completely devoid of any emotional value. You find it hard to get turned on by witnessing two people engaging in sexual relations even though they have no emotional bonds or connections whatsoever.

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