13 Signs That You Care More About The Relationship Than He Does

In a relationship, balance is always essential. And so if you find yourself caring more about the relationship than he does, maybe it’s time for you to rethink the relationship as a whole.

1. You are the one who always initiates and prolongs the conversations.

It’s like if you didn’t initiate any conversations between the two of you, you wouldn’t even be talking at all. And whenever you do talk, it’s always you who has to be the one who carries it. It’s always you who has to be the one who keeps things going. Otherwise, you’d only have 5 minute conversations about the weather.

2. You are the one who is known to be more intimate and affectionate.

When it comes to affection and intimacy, it’s always you who is the initiator. He never wants to get intimate with you (unless he just wants to have sex). But when it comes to establishing a real emotional connection with you, he’s not really having it. You’re going to have to pick up the slack on that front.

3. You are there for him on a physical and emotional level – while fails to do so in both parts.

You are there for him physically and emotionally. And he might be there for you on a physical level – but it’s the emotional part that really matters. You need emotional support from the love of your life. And he can’t give that to you.

4. You only ever really hang out as a couple with your side of the family, but never his.

He doesn’t take you home to meet his family even though he has already met yours. Why? Maybe he doesn’t consider you important enough to bring home.

5. You put more thought and effort into gift-giving than he does.

Whenever it’s time to give each other gifts, you are always the star giver. It’s bad news enough if he’s the kind of guy who wouldn’t even think to get you a gift. So you shouldn’t feel too bad if he gets you a substandard gift that just doesn’t have any sentimental value. But it doesn’t erase the fact that you’re more into it than he is.

6. You are the one who is always handling date-planning.

Dates are important in a relationship. But he doesn’t seem to think so. You’re the only one in the relationship who is invested enough to actually plan dates for the both of you.

Dates are important because it’s where the two of you really get to bond and become closer to one another. It allows you to connect with each other in an intimate plane. But he just doesn’t seem to care much about that.

7. You are the only one who keeps tracks and remembers the little details surrounding your relationship.

You are the one who remembers that one random thing he said from a random conversation that you had some weeks ago. You are the one who always pays attention to the little things. But him? He would be lucky to even remember your birthday.

8. You are never the one who gets to climax in bed.

He is selfish. He only cares about himself whereas you are the only one who actually cares about the needs of the other person.

9. You find yourself sending him multiple text messages before he gives you a reply.

You send him a text message. A few hours go by. He still hasn’t responded. You send him another text. He still doesn’t reply. And then eventually, he just comes around to responding to you. And he doesn’t even have a legit reason that gets him off the hook for replying too late. It just shows he doesn’t care that he makes you wait.

10. You are more excited about the future of the relationship than he is.

You are the only one who always wants to talk about the future of your romance. He just seems plainly disinterested. It’s as if he’s just willing to go wherever the wind takes him. He’s not totally interested in making sure that your relationship has a future at all.

11. You are the one who is constantly having to adjust to his time.

He never adjusts to you. He lives his own life the way that he wants. And he doesn’t care enough about you or the relationship to adjust his schedule. It’s always you who has to be the one who moves your schedule around just to be with him and meet his needs.

12. You are the only one who actually gets upset when the relationship isn’t working properly.

You are so invested in the relationship that it greatly upsets you whenever things aren’t operating in an optimal manner. But to him, it’s as if he couldn’t care less that you’re caught in a downward spiral.

13. He doesn’t put much significance to the little milestones of your relationship.

It’s like he doesn’t really care at all. He’s indifferent to anniversaries. He doesn’t care much for taking the next step in the relationship. It’s like being in a relationship with a piece of stone. You get nothing out of him – and that’s when you know that you feel so much more for this relationship than he does.

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  1. Yes I feel this way about my significant other neglected I always text him first he texts me hours later or the next day. I feel like an alien to him like I don’t even matter or exist. He makes me question about our relationship in my mind now.

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