13 Signs That You’re Not Having The Luckiest Of Days

We all have those days; the days where we feel like a rain cloud is following us wherever we go, where there is a scarcity of lucky rabbit feet, where we find ourselves constantly confronting a black cat.

We all have those days; the days where we feel like a rain cloud is following us wherever we go, where there is a scarcity of lucky rabbit feet, where we find ourselves constantly confronting a black cat. We will always have the occasional unlucky day. The best way to cope with these kinds of days is to just survive and know that it will eventually pass. The days of bright sunshine, fresh air, and green grass will return, and for now, you’re just going to have to bear with whatever is given to you. Bad days can be attributed to a number of possibilities. Sometimes you’re the own cause for your own bad luck. A lot of times, bad luck is just something you can’t control. Here are some signs of days where lady luck just refuses to play on your side:

1. You Sleep Past Your Alarm

The easiest way to determine whether or not you’re going to have a good day is to look at how you start the day. Missed your alarm? Then you’re already behind on playing catch-up to lady luck.

2. The Vending Machine Fails On You Twice

When this happens to you, just feel sorry for yourself. Not only are you out of money, but you’re still hungry and you have nothing to show for it.

3. You Drop Your Glorious Ice Cream Cone

That perfect twirl that you’ve just received in your hands looks absolutely glorious. You decide to bring it nearer to your mouth. Your taste buds are tingling with excitement. You close your eyes for added sensuality. And then, you notice something weird. You’re biting at air. You open your eyes and you find your ice cream has splat on the floor.

4. You Literally Break A Weighing Scale

This is just plain embarrassing. All you wanted to do was know your weight and you end up getting a real message and it screams You should be ashamed of the way you’ve been living your life. Maybe it’s time to lay off those donuts a little bit, don’t you think?В – Continue reading on the next page

5. You Lock Yourself Out Of Your Car

Ah, the struggles of locking yourself out of your car. Somebody call the locksmith, please?

6. The Elevator At Work Is Broken

You look at the staircase and you decide that you needed some extra exercise anyway right? The road to the 35th floor starts with the first step. Start climbing!

7. You Spill Coffee On Your Only Clean Shirt

Not only did the hot coffee slightly burn your skin, but you practically look like a toddler who can’t control food from contaminating his clothes. Get yourself together, man.

8. Your Computer Crashes On You Just Before You Could Click Save

The frustrations of working on 13,000 word report. You’re just finishing some things up and you’re about to click save. Then boom. The power gives out and you’re left staring at a blank screen wondering about the status of your life and whether or not you should just go on living.

9. A Pigeon Uses Your Head As Target Practice

Of all the hundreds or maybe even thousands of heads on the open street, it’s your head that a flying pigeon decides to use as a landing pad. It’s okay for you to feel sorry for yourself at this point. No one will judge you.В – Continue reading on the next page

10. Your Own Icy Drink Betrays You

You’ve been having a bad day and you decide to get a little smoothie for a quick pick-me-up. You sip the sweet sugary icy concoction a little too rapidly and suddenly, you find yourself nursing a severe brain freeze. Take it easy on the straw next time, man.

11. You’re Late For Work And You Can’t Find Your Car Keys

You’re rushing and rushing. You need to get to work because you have an important meeting but you just can’t seem to remember where you last saw your car keys. You’re left frustrated and your rushed state really doesn’t help the situation. What did you do to deserve such treachery in life?

12. You Get A Phone Call From Your Bank About Unusual Credit Card Activity

You panic and you immediately check your wallet and your worst fears have come true, your credit card is missing. Someone’s been on quite the shopping spree with it already, and you just sit there contemplating the constant injustice that plagues your life.

13. You Realize That Your Zipper Is Down Right After You Were Giving A Presentation In The Board Room

It was a pretty good presentation too. You were confident. You were eloquent. You said all the right things and you were incredibly prepared. There’s just one small issue that plagued your presentation and it’s that your audience really couldn’t concentrate on what you were saying. Let’s just say that a tiny wardrobe malfunction became the unintended star of the presentation.

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