13 Signs You Should Quit Stressing Because He’s Clearly Never Going To Cheat On You

#5. He would never ever flirt with another girl whether or not you’re there to witness it.

While there are a few relationships that may give some people a cause for concern, typically, there will be those kinds of relationships that are exemptions to the rule. These are the happy and loving kinds of relationships where trust and loyalty prevail. These couples never find themselves questioning or doubting each other. There is complete confidence and trust there. You never know when you just happen to be part of such a relationship unless you look for the signs. If you’re stressing out over your boyfriend because you’re worried that he might be unfaithful to you, you need to take some time to study and reexamine your relationship. Sometimes, your paranoia is only in your mind, and these are some signs that will reassure you of your man’s loyalty to you.

1. He always makes an effort to tell you about any of his plans that don’t include you. He won’t even wait for you ask him about it. He will willingly let you know where he is going, who he is with, and what time you can expect him to be back home. He takes an initiative to be open with you about everything.

2. You never have instances wherein you ask him about a girl whose name suddenly pops up on his cellphone screen or his social media feeds. You know who these girls are because he’s introduced them to you before. And you totally know that they are not threats to your relationship.

3. He isn’t protective of his phone or computer. He is practically an open book. While it would be creepy for you to do some snooping around in his personal messages, you never feel like you have to. He is so open about his life and he would willingly show you his call logs if you asked him to.

4. He gives you open access to his social media accounts and emails just because he knows he can trust you with that kind of stuff. You are probably the only person in the world with whom he can share this private information. That alone should reassure you of his commitment and trust in your relationship.

5. He would never ever flirt with another girl whether or not you’re there to witness it. You will never catch him ogling other pretty girls from a distance because he only has eyes for you. If you notice that you are the center of his world at all times, then it is highly unlikely that he would ever cheat on you.

6. He has never lied to you before; or at least, you have never caught him lying to you. That is a good indication that you are dating an honest man. Even during the toughest of times, he would rather come clean and tell you the truth than to lie to you. All of his stories are well-backed.

7. If you let him know that you feel uncomfortable about a particular thing or activity that he is engaged in, he would willingly alter his behavior just for you. He would never want to put himself in a position where he is causing you pain or discomfort. He cares about you too much like a prince would care for his princess.

8. He’s a stable and steady drunk. Whenever he has a little too much to drink, the alcohol never gets the best of him. He is always on his best behavior even while under the influence of alcohol.

9. He comes from a wholesome and steady family. If his parents aren’t cheaters, then they will have likely raised him to be the same way. If the friends he chooses to surround himself with aren’t cheaters, then that is also a good indication that you are dating a loyal man.

10. He never lets either of you go to bed angry at each other. Whenever you have problems or are engaged in arguments, he always wants you guys to talk it out until everything is resolved. He hates it whenever you’re upset with him, and he would do whatever he can to mend your relationship.

11. You have a very active and explorative sex life. If the both of you have lots of fun in the bedroom, then it is less likely for either of you to be in the search for other sexual partners.

12. If he will criticize you, it will always be in a constructive manner. He would never say anything to hurt you just for the sake of it. And more importantly, in times of criticism, he would never compare you to another girl. He knows how mean that is and how much that would hurt you.

13. He is a very confident and self-assured man who doesn’t need validation from other people. He is very much aware of his sense of self-worth and he really doesn’t need to play the polygamy game to look like an alpha male.

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