13 Signs Your Toxic Boyfriend Is Destroying Your Soft Heart

Protect your heart at all costs. It’s the only one you have.

1. You put a lot of effort into making sure that he feels loved but he never says thank you. You try your best to always make sure that he’s happy. You do whatever you can to cultivate a joyful and comfortable living environment for him. But he never seems to reciprocate those efforts. He doesn’t do anything to make you feel like he cares about you at all.

2. You are always the only one who is invested in making the relationship work. You know that the moment that you decide to relax and take a backseat in the relationship, everything is just going to fall to pieces. You know that you constantly need to be the one who steers the ship because he isn’t going to do anything to maintain the relationship at all.

3. He lies to you all the time because he knows that you are always going to trust him. He takes advantage of the trust that you give to him. He is never going to be honest with you. He is never going to own up to his actions. He is never going to be accountable to the things he does. He will lie his way out of trouble even if it hurts you.

4. He takes advantage of the fact that you’re willing to give him whatever he wants or needs. You are just too generous with him and he knows that. He knows that he can put you through the ringer and you wouldn’t even complain about it one bit. He knows that he can ask for so much from you because you will do whatever you can to please him and make him happy.

5. He never does anything to make you feel like you can freely express yourself. He always gives you the feeling like he’s going to judge you for whatever is going to come out of your mouth. It’s as if he’s ready to fight you for whatever you might have to say. And so you end up just censoring yourself because you’re too afraid to say anything at all.

6. He exhibits terrible behavior around you even when he knows that he hurts you in the process just because he knows that you won’t do anything about it. He knows that he has you in the palm of his hands. He knows that you love him too much to leave him and so he feels like he can treat you however he sees fit – even if it means causing you pain.

7. He tries to make you feel worthless so that you feel like you aren’t good enough for him. He will diminish your sense of self-worth to make it harder for you to leave him. He will make you think that you are actually dependent on him.

8. He demands so much from you without really giving anything in return. His expectations and standards are just unreasonable – but he doesn’t care about that. You still do your best in trying to cater to his every need. But he doesn’t really afford you the same kind of courtesy. He doesn’t reciprocate the efforts that you give for him.

9. He dismisses your feelings and opinions. He doesn’t give you the validation that you might need from him. He doesn’t make you feel heard or valued.

10. He tries to control every aspect of your life even though you grant him all the freedom in the world. He is abusive and he is manipulative. He doesn’t trust you to make your own decisions about your life. He doesn’t respect you enough to acknowledge that you are a mature and independent woman who is deserving of freedom. You give him all the freedom that he wants, but he doesn’t do the same for you.

11. He always puts himself first in the relationship. He is so selfish. He always considers himself to be the center of attention in your relationship. He doesn’t see whatever you have as a partnership. He doesn’t see you as an equal. He almost sees you like a romantic servant to him. He uses you for whatever you have to offer him. But he isn’t going to compromise his needs for your happiness or welfare.

12. He doesn’t really admit that he’s even your boyfriend at all. He doesn’t want to commit to you. He doesn’t want to define the relationship. He doesn’t want to put a label on whatever it is the two of you share together. Why? He doesn’t want to tie himself down to you. Even though you are really committed to him, he still wants to keep his options open. He treats you like a mere option even though you treat him like the priority.

13. He doesn’t make you feel like you have a genuine future together. He doesn’t want to discuss future plans surrounding your relationship. He is more content on living with the moment. And he really doesn’t give you a sense of structure or purpose in your relationship. It’s as if your relationship is moving without a sense of direction.

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  1. Yes I have been through this. Sad thing is, we dated when we were teenagers and were forced apart because I got pregnant, I lost our chid. 30 years later we reunited. He told me it was meant for us to be together, and after 3 months acted like I was nothing..I still love him.

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