13 Subtle Things You Do That Your Boyfriend Really Loves

Ladies, your man secretly ADORES you for these things!

The most beautiful thing about love and romance is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be grand in order for it to be genuine. You can find love in the simplest and most uncomplicated situations. When you truly love someone, any time spent with that person automatically becomes a magical experience regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.

Love has that powerful hold on people, and it’s basically what we all stay alive for. So when you’re caught in a relationship with your man, be wary of all the little things that you do. You should know that you’re making him fall more and more in love with you even when you don’t notice.

Here are some subtle things you do that your boyfriend really loves.

1. When you tiptoe to try to reach something.


It’s cute because you could always ask him for help when you’re trying to reach something but you feel like you’re independent enough to accomplish the job on your own. He loves that you can take care of yourself and don’t feel the need to turn to him for help with everything. He would willingly help you out if you asked him, but he loves that you make an effort to stand on your own two feet so to speak.

2. When you always manage to know where everything is.

Where’s the remote? Where are the car keys? Where’s my cellphone? You always manage to know where everything is even though they’re not necessarily your things. How do you do that? He finds that amazing about you and he falls in love with you more and more every time.

3. When you do yoga.

Yoga is sexy. Period. Yoga pants are essentially the gods’ gifts to men. You look absolutely cute when you’re in your yoga pants and sports bra. You look even sexier when you start doing those complex yoga poses. There’s something inherently attractive about a woman who makes an effort to stay fit.

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4. When you subtly bite your lip.

It’s always sexy whenever a girl bites her lip. It’s even sexier when she doesn’t realize she’s doing it. You may not even notice it, but you’re driving his sexual libido absolutely crazy whenever you do that.

5. When you make an effort to make your hair look good.

It’s sexy when you just tie your hair up in a bun, or when you just let it fall down to your shoulders without much effort. But it’s also incredibly sexy when you start brushing and putting some effort into making your hair look good. It makes your man feel happy to know that he’s worth the effort.

6. When you make the bed.

There’s no denying that the visual combo of a girl and bedsheets is just as sexy as it comes. That’s why it’s always pleasing to the eye whenever a girl starts making the bed. It also makes the man feel secure about spending the rest of his life with a woman who can take care of him.

7. When you wear your hair in a sexy bun.

Yes, putting some effort into your hair can be incredibly sexy. But it’s also next level sexiness when you just tie it into a bun and make it work for yourself. A man loves a woman who is confident in herself regardless of how she looks. And if you manage to work that bun like you’re a supermodel, then there’s no denying he’ll fall for you over and over again.

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8. When you’re quick with your makeup.

A man absolutely hates being made to wait. That’s why he genuinely appreciates it whenever you put effort into breezing through your beauty preparation time. It shows that you value his time as well as your own. 

9. When you walk around the apartment without a bra.

Men just love breasts, plain and simple. That’s part of the reason why it’s so sexy for a woman to just be confidently walking around the apartment without a bra on. It gives her an air of freedom and free-spiritedness.

10. When you take off your shirt.

Especially when you use that crossed-arm technique when you take off your shirt. He absolutely goes wild on the inside with sexual anticipation whenever you do that.

11. When you make an effort to clean and organize the house.

When you’re so obsessive about cleanliness and neatness, he really loves that about you. He knows it’s a valuable quirk that’s worth having and he wouldn’t trade that in for anything else. He loves you more and more every time you make an effort to make everything clean.

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12. When you wear summer outfits.

Summer outfits = less clothing. Less clothing = more skin. When you were just enough clothing to keep him wondering, but also show him lots of skin in the process, that’s certainly going to be enough to pique his interest.

13. When you have good posture.

It’s almost unexplainable, but a woman with good posture is just 100x more attractive to all men. There’s no denying it.

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