13 Things He Subconsciously Does In A Relationship That Prove His Worth

He’s trying his best.

1. He allows his true and genuine self to come out whenever you’re together.

He’s showing you that he’s grown to become very comfortable whenever he’s around you. He’s also showing you that he trusts you enough to actually let his true self come out. He doesn’t need like he has to add any filters to his personality. He doesn’t feel like he has to put on any masks. He wants you to see him for who he really is because he trusts you that much. 

2. He makes you feel understood and accepted for who you really are on the inside.

He will never make you feel like he’s deliberately judging or criticizing you. He wouldn’t be afraid to call you out if you’re doing something wrong, but he’s always going to approach it with patience and sensitivity. He isn’t going to make you feel like he’s always testing you. He won’t always be forcing you outside of your comfort zone. He won’t make you feel like you have to do more to please him. 

3. He feels comfortable with opening up to you about anything.

He trusts you enough to actually show you his true colors. He will be honest with you about anything and it will come as second-nature to him. He won’t feel awkward or uncomfortable about it. 

4. He stays committed to you and he never lets you doubt it.

He is going to give you a sense of safety and security about your relationship. He is never going to be inconsistent. He is never going to be unreliable when it comes to you. He is always going to be there whenever he can just to prove to you that he’s really serious about committing to you. He will never want you to feel insecure about your place in his life. 

5. He does whatever he can to make sure that you’re comfortable.

He will run errands for you. He will do whatever he can to make sure that you are leaving a stress-free and comfortable life. He will put in serious effort into making your life as easy as possible. 

6. He opens up to you about his financial situation.

Finances are delicate matters. And if he opens up to you about his financial situation, then it means that he really trusts you and he’s serious about having a real relationship with you. 

7. He gives you meaningful gifts.

Sometimes, it’s not about the monetary value of gifts that matters. In fact, money rarely ever matters when it comes to gift-giving. It’s the amount of thought and feeling that someone pours into a gift that makes it valuable. And if he genuinely makes an effort to give you meaningful gifts, then that means he sees you as a very important person. 

8. He really makes sure to devote time out of his busy schedule for you.

Time is perhaps the single most valuable thing that we could ever give to another person in this world. Time is something that we can’t extend. It’s not something that can be bought at a store. We get the time that we’re given. And if he’s choosing to really spend a huge bulk of his time with you, then that should tell you just how important you really are to him. 

9. He genuinely expresses a profound interest in your life.

He is inherently curious about the things that he is passionate about. And if he’s asking you so many questions about your life, it’s only because he is very passionate about you. He wants to immerse himself in your world as much as possible. 

10. He consults you whenever he’s making future plans.

He no longer sees a future that doesn’t have you in it. And that’s evident with the fact that he’s always consulting you about what your future plans are before he makes plans of his own. He sees you as a genuine partner. He always wants to include you in the decision-making process. He never wants to keep you in the dark about anything especially with issues that concern the relationship. 

11. He gives you unlimited access to his phone and computer.

He doesn’t have anything to hide. And he doesn’t want to make you think that anything in his life is off-limits. He wants you to feel as welcome as possible to play a huge part in his life. 

12. He does things that you enjoy doing even if he doesn’t want to.

He knows that you have your own passions in life, and even though he isn’t necessarily passionate about the same things, he’s still going to throw his support behind you. 

13. He engages in deep and difficult conversations with you about anything.

You know that a man is really serious about you when he’s willing to have deep and meaningful conversations with you about anything that you want to bring up. Men aren’t always going to be the most communicative people in relationships. In fact, they often tend to be very closed off and withdrawn. But if they actually open themselves up to talking to you about anything, then that means that they’re really serious about being with you. 

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