13 Things Men Never Get Right

After years and years of living in coexistence, it seems that women will persist in being a constant mystery to the men that they’re around. Men never understand because maybe they’re just inherently illogical and irrational idiots who are only capable of comprehending things among themselves.

It seems that they never understand women in the way that women want to be understood. It’s as if there’s a secret language that exists between the two and only the women species are literate. Why is this so? Why are women so hard for men to understand? Especially when it comes to these common examples:

1. When women say I’m fine

When girls say I’m fine, they’re usually not. You should always take that answer or response with a grain of salt. While a girl doesn’t necessarily expect a man to be a mind reader, he has to have some sense of empathy and sensitivity enabling him to identify when something is wrong.

2. When women say that they need some space.

They don’t want space over a prolonged period of time. They just need some time to themselves to recollect and gather their emotions. Space also doesn’t mean that you get a free pass to cheat and be unfaithful. Just give your girl some time to breathe on her own and wait for her to come back to you.

3. Women aren’t just overreacting all the time.

They’re not. Women are just naturally analytical beings. They are reacting to situations just fine and it’s you who are underreacting. You have to approach every situation rationally and always try to take things from multiple perspectives so you don’t end up blindsided by anything or anyone.

4. Women know the truth ALWAYS.

They like to watch you squirm and catch you in your own web of lies. They will watch you struggle and struggle to struggle with the truth, but in the end, you will always end up on the losing side. They are also very good at telling when you aren’t being honest with them.

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