13 Things That Make Him Stop Loving You

Love is one of the strongest bonds, it doesn’t break easily. I think you can never completely lose every feeling for a person you once loved. With time, loves gradually stops growing and that’s exactly when bonds start to get weak. Men, like women, want their needs to be fulfilled and their desires to be taken care of. Things that matter to them might not make any difference to you.

You need to know that your man is different. Every woman should keep a look out for the things that make their men want to stop loving them. It’s a series of blows that harm your relationship. Here is a list of things that makes a man lose faith in his woman.

  1. When you treat him indifferent because of the bad experiences you have had in the past

It’s very irrational of you to treat your partner indifferently because of the trauma you have had in your past. Don’t get into a relationship unless you are absolutely sure you can give it your hundred percent.

If you are going to be skeptical and judgmental about things he wouldn’t do in your wildest dreams, he is definitely going to doubt his decision about letting you into his life. No one wants to be blamed for things they don’t plan to do.

He will feel insecure about the fact that he is not capable to heal the bitter experiences he has had in the past with his love. This will hurt his self-esteem, he will finally think of letting you go. В – Continue reading on next page

2. When you don’t give your relationship enough time

Yes, he understands you have a job, you have goals and you have ambitions. He understands that you are tired and sometimes you just don’t have the time and energy to entertain him. But this doesn’t mean that you have the right to ignore him and your relationship.

I believe a person can always conjure out time for people and things that are important to them. Make time for him otherwise he is going to feel used and rejected, this will definitely have a drastic effect on his feelings for you.

3.В When you make intimacy feel like a favor or a job

Sex is the most beautiful bond you share with the person you love. It makes you feel wanted and complete; it fills up that void with feelings of unconditional love. Most people have sex because of how venerable, open and free they feel because of it.

No man wants to have sex as if it were a job. No man wants to feel that the time he spends in bed with his lady-love is not worth her while. He doesn’t want to feel as if she does a favor to him by letting him sleep with her.

A man might not be able to make a woman orgasm every time they have sex but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t put in effort. No man wants to feel that he lacks the ability to satisfy his woman. Realization that you are just not that into him may emotionally drive him away from you. В – Continue reading on next page

4. When you become way too judgemental

Don’t judge him for everything he does, for the conversation he has with his friends. For the way he walks and the way he talks. A partner is like a friend who accepts you with his flaws. If you don’t stop picking on everything he does he is going to consider you a nagging freak. Criticism should always be constructive and done is a way that doesn’t hurt someone’s feelings.

5. When you don’t support his ambitions

Every man needs to feel supported; he needs to know that you have his back no matter what. If he thinks that he wants to leave his job and open up a restaurant, be there for him support his dreams don’t give him a thumb down. He can always get another job in things don’t work out the way he planned them to be.

6. When you stop paying attention to yourself

Remember when you guys started dating you always tried to look your best? You don’t have to look your best all the time but you should try to look good for your partner sometimes. I see women completely let go of themselves once in a stable relationship. If you don’t want to do it for your partner, do it for yourself. Men tent to become distant when they see their partner not trying at all.

7. When you suspect him for things he didn’t do

Don’t hold him accountable for things he didn’t do, don’t put him under the heat if you suspect him of cheating you. Be one hundred percent sure that they did something before you confront them about if. It’s not okay to blame someone for something they didn’t do. В – Continue reading on next page

8. When you expect favors for everything you do for him

Don’t expect him to do something in return for you every time you do something for him, its extremely unreasonable of you to behave that way. Yes love is a give and take relationship but some things are done selflessly without any expectations. Over the time he will start to think that you are mean and selfish.

9. When you don’t treat him right in front of his friends and family

No matter how bad your relationship is, always treat a man with respect in front of his friends and family. Wouldn’t you like to be treated in a similar way? If you belittle a man in front of people he loves he will lose every ounce of respect he has for you.

10. When you discuss the problems of your relationship with everyone but him

If you don’t like something about your man discuss it with him, try to figure things out with him. Leave him if you find him completely incompatible, but there is no reason why you should go about discussing his weaknesses with other people. Backbiting is an extremely immoral thing to do. It’s extremely disheartening when you see your partner saying things about you behind your back.

11. When you don’t respect him

Like women, men too need respect, if they see mutual understand and respect missing they will definitely weigh their options. Respect is the bonding factor of any relationship, without respect there is nothing left to protect.В  В – Continue reading on next page

12. When you judge him for his past

No one wants to hear about the mistakes they made in the past. If they are trying, I see no reason why things the they did in the past should be held against them. No man wants to talk about their previous relationships and the problems they encountered with those women. If you keep pinching him for all the wrongs he once did chances are he will stop admiring you and the love he has in his heart for you will suffer.

13. When you start keeping grudges

This is the most dangerous thing a woman can do. One of my friends came over to my place right after work, when I asked her if everything was okay he said that her husband came home late last night because of a meeting, and she wanted to get him back, my husband was home and our husbands are friends.

My husband found her behavior very irrational. It’s childish to hold grudges, just think about the irreplaceable damage it causes to your relationship. Your partner might not notice it at first, but when he does consider it the last straw.

As I said before, people never stop loving a person they once loved, they just find someone and love them more than the person they loved before.

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