13 Things Women Can Do Perfectly Fine Without a Man’s Help

Gone are the days of the ALPHA-MALE, and usher in the ages of the feminist. Girl power is all the rage nowadays, and frankly, it’s long overdue. All over the world, women are making waves in various fields and showcasing their worth as a gender species. While some stigma of being a weak female still exists in some primitive parts of the world, ladies should continue to fight on in this world without the help of men. Here are 13 simple things that women can do fine without the help of their boyfriends:

1. Feel Beautiful

Ladies, you don’t need a man to tell you that you’re beautiful. Look into a mirror and check yourself out. Feel beautiful about yourself and work with what was given to you. You and you alone know your self-worth and you don’t need anyone else to reassure you of anything.

2. Perform Physical Chores

You need to reach up high on the shelf for something? Grab yourself a stool to stand on. Need to change the light bulb? Pay a visit to the hardware store and get that chore done. Mow the lawn, fix the pipes, and reset the router, no problem. You don’t need a man to get stuff done, you’re just as strong and as capable as any other person.

3. Travel

Go out and see the world. Immerse yourself in culture and learn about different kinds of people and see all kinds of different places. You are perfectly capable of being a true citizen of the world without a man’s help. You can plan the whole itinerary, earn your travel money, navigate the scary world all by your lonesome, and survive. – Continue reading on the next page

4. Get Through a Difficult Day

There can be numerous factors that contribute to having a bad day. Maybe your boss was being a douche. Maybe you spilled your coffee on your clothes as you were walking to work. Maybe the traffic was just a plain pain in the butt. It doesn’t matter. You don’t need a man to give you a back rub and take your stress away. Prepare a bath, drink a glass of wine, put on some good music and unwind. Find your own way to de-stress and relieve yourself of the day’s hassles.

5. Support Herself Financially

Income inequality is still rapidly rampant even in first-world countries. However, that hasn’t stopped strong women from being designated breadwinners. Women are perfectly capable of engaging in careers that can support themselves and their families. Want to buy that luxurious bag? Go ahead and work for it. You don’t need a man to buy you fancy things or to supply you with your everyday needs.

6. Defend Herself Physically

There are tons of self-defense classes out there that cater specifically to women. There are women-friendly weapons too like the trusty pepper spray. Whenever you feel threatened in public, and there is no man to defend you, you shouldn’t have to worry. Just make sure you’re prepared for such situations. You are just as strong and as ferocious as any threat out there and don’t you ever forget that.

7. Speak Out

Don’t you just hate it when boys feel like they’re entitled to speak on your behalf? You have a mind that is just as brilliant, and a mouth that is just as eloquent as any man’s. Showcase your intellect and speak your piece without having a boy do it for you.

8. Fall Asleep

Don’t you just hate it when people say I can’t fall asleep without him by my side.? Every girl should be strong enough to be able to sleep on their own without needing the embrace of a man. A modern woman can be strong and independent, and is perfectly fine with getting some beauty sleep all on her own. A strong woman should never have to lose sleep over anything, most especially not a man.В -Continue reading on the next page

9. Drive a Car

Gone are the notions of women making lousy drivers. Nope. A woman can have full control of a beastly vehicle just like any other man. Women no longer need a man to help them get around to anywhere. Today’s modern woman can drive a stick, an automatic, a truck, a speedster, a jeep, or whatever that has moving wheels. Motorcycles are on the list of possibilities too.

10. Maintain a Car

Along with driving cars comes the task of maintaining cars. It’s no longer frowned upon for women to get down and dirty with mechanical ventures. In fact, most men will probably find it greatly appealing if women know their way around a toolbox. That just shows that women can be independent and can hold their own perfectly well without the aid of any man.

11. Be Happy

This is probably the most important item on this entire list. A woman should always be capable of finding happiness on her own, and her happiness should not be dependent on a man. Happiness is always a struggle for everyone to find, and women deserve to find happiness in themselves and not just on any random guy.

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