13 Things You Can Always Find In Strong Relationships According To Science

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A lot of us are always going to want the answers to the exam before we actually take the test. But unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way. In this case, however, you might be in luck. We all wonder about relationships and what it takes to make them work. We fall in love with a person and we know that love alone isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. But we want to know if the things that we’re doing with our significant others are actually good signs for our romance. Fortunately for us, science has given us a better picture of what it takes to make a relationship work.

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A recent study covering the lives of over 1500 couples has revealed some very enlightening data about what it takes to have a strong relationships. In that study, experts have concluded that these are the most common traits that you can always find in strong relationships:

1. They fall in love and stay together for the right reasons.

A lot of couples can get together for the wrong reasons. He might want to get with her because she has a really nice body. She might want to get with him because he’s rich and he’s smart even if he has a terrible personality. A couple must always make it a point to get together for the right reasons in order to stay together forever.

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2. They set realistic expectations for each other and for the relationship.

Expectations are important in a relationship. They always have to be managed in a healthy manner. When there are unreasonably high expectations in a relationship, it could lead to eventual disappointment and resentment.

3. They always maintain a mutual respect for one another.

Respect is the foundation on which any relationship is built. When two people don’t respect one another, then it’s practically impossible for that relationship to flourish in a healthy manner.

4. They are always willing to have difficult conversations with each other.

Communication is a very important aspect of any relationship. That’s why the best couples are the ones who have really strong communication habits. They are those who understand that they really need to be able to talk to one another about anything even topics that are a little uncomfortable.

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5. They have strong individual lives outside of the relationship.

Just because you get into a relationship with one another doesn’t mean that you have to give up your sense of individuality. You still have to be able to lead strong individual lives on your own. A couple is stronger when it is composed of strong and independent individuals.

6. They understand one another’s needs for occasional space and privacy.

When you get into a relationship with someone, it’s understandable that you are going to have to give up some of your personal sense of space because you are essentially sharing your life with another person. But you should both respect one another’s occasional requests for space and privacy.

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7. They make it a point to never stop growing as individuals and as a couple.

You never grow complacent. Just because you are madly in love with one another and things are stable in your relationships, you still make it a point to challenge yourselves to grow and become better people in love.

8. They know how to have healthy and constructive arguments with each other.

All couples are going to have arguments every once in a while. That’s a natural fact of the world. We are all human beings with our own personal worldviews. Sometimes, our worldviews contradict and we argue. But the best couples always know how to have mature and constructive disagreements.

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9. They understand the value of patience and understanding in the relationship.

We are all imperfect creatures and we are all prone to making a few mistakes every now and then. But the best and strongest couples know this; and when their partners screw up, they always practice maximum patience and understanding in those moments.

10. They understand that the little things are important in the relationship.

They never disregard the little things and the simple gestures in a relationship. They always make sure to value one another and they never take one another for granted.

11 .They prioritize sexual stimulation and satisfaction.

Make no mistake about it. The strongest couples understand just how important sex is in a relationship. They realize that sex is vital in maintain and building the physical and emotional intimacy between two couples. It plays a huge role in building a couples’ emotional connection.

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12. They establish a system for going about chores, errands, and tasks.

The best couples are the mature couples. And part of being mature is owning up to proper roles and responsibilities both as individuals and as a couple. That’s why the strongest couples have a proper system of delegation for specific roles and responsibilities.

13. They accept that love isn’t always going to be smooth ride.

And lastly, he strongest couples always understand that love isn’t going to be easy. They are going to have to work hard to sustain a romance. They are going to have to make a lot of sacrifices and compromises for love. But it’s always going to be worth it.

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