13 Things You Will Find In A Relationship That Is Built To Last Forever

1. Strong lines of communication.

When you are in a strong and healthy relationship – it’s undoubtedly that you have strong and healthy lines of communication. The reason that communication is so important in relationships is that it bridges the gap between two people. It brings you and your partner closer and closer to one another in your relationship.

2. Complete mutual trust.

There is no way that a relationship could possibly everlast if there is no trust in it. It’s absolutely essential that you and your partner are able to trust one another if you’re going to stay in love. Love and trust are constantly tied at the hip. You can’t really fall in love with someone if you can’t learn to trust that person.

3. Constant affection and intimacy.

When there is no shortage of intimacy and affection in a relationship, then there is always a good chance that that relationship is going to stand the test of time. You always need to make sure that you don’t hold back on your affection for your partner; that you are never withholding your feelings for one another.

4. Kindness and generosity.

You would be surprised at how many couples just forget about the basic rules of kindness in a relationship. Being kind towards your partner can go a long way. And you really need to make sure that you always have kindness in your heart; that you are always mindful of the needs and wants of your partner. You can’t always just be thinking of yourself.

5. Spontaneity.

You need to learn to be more spontaneous. You can’t be so content with having a relationship that is predictable and routine. You need to be able to keep the flame and the spice alive in your relationship by keeping things as fresh as possible. The moment that you get too comfortable in your own routine, you allow the flame of your relationship to slowly die out.

6. Teamwork and synergy.

You are a team, and you need to be functioning as such. You are in a relationship with each other and you both need to be seeing each other as equals. You are going to go through your fair share of problems in life, and you’re going to need to get through these struggles together. Otherwise, you aren’t going to be able to get past them at all.

7. Consistent support and reliability.

You should be each other’s biggest supporters. You need to be each other’s number one fans. You always need to be able to be supportive of your partner. You always need to make sure that you are reliable enough for your partner to count on you to be there even when it’s inconvenient.

8. Openness and vulnerability.

When you want to get closer to another person, you are going to have to allow yourself to become more vulnerable. You are going to have to really open yourself up to your partner without limitations or hesitations. You always need to make sure that your partner knows that you trust them enough to open up about even the most intimate aspects of your life.

9. Fun and laughter.

Make sure that there is never any shortage of fun and laughter in your relationship. You need to be constantly making an effort to make each other happy. You need to make sure that you are having a lot of fun in your relationship. That’s the only way both of you are going to be able to find joy in the midst of all the harsh realities of the world.

10. Individuality and independence.

Just because you are in a relationship together doesn’t mean that you get to give up your individuality and independence. You both need to make sure that you are still acting as your own person. You can’t grow codependent. You can’t let the relationship consume your entire lives. You still need to be able to pursue your individual goals and dreams.

11. Best friendship.

At the base of it all, you need to be best friends. You are life partners – meaning you should have a level of companionship that knows no bounds. You need to always act like each other’s best friends more than anything else in this world.

12. Gratitude and appreciation.

Never be withholding of your gratitude in your relationship. Always make sure that your partner knows just how much you appreciate being in a relationship with them. Never take one another for granted. Never let your partner feel like you aren’t appreciative of their efforts.

13. Planning and preparation.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That’s a basic rule of life. And if you’re not going to put much effort into planning for your relationship, then it’s likely that you aren’t going to be able to make things work. Yes, you want to live in the moment as much as possible; but you also need to make sure that you are forward-thinking.

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