13 Things You Will Find In A Relationship That Is Built To Last Forever

1. Strong lines of communication.

When you are in a strong and healthy relationship – it’s undoubtedly that you have strong and healthy lines of communication. The reason that communication is so important in relationships is that it bridges the gap between two people. It brings you and your partner closer and closer to one another in your relationship.

2. Complete mutual trust.

There is no way that a relationship could possibly everlast if there is no trust in it. It’s absolutely essential that you and your partner are able to trust one another if you’re going to stay in love. Love and trust are constantly tied at the hip. You can’t really fall in love with someone if you can’t learn to trust that person.

3. Constant affection and intimacy.

When there is no shortage of intimacy and affection in a relationship, then there is always a good chance that that relationship is going to stand the test of time. You always need to make sure that you don’t hold back on your affection for your partner; that you are never withholding your feelings for one another.

4. Kindness and generosity.

You would be surprised at how many couples just forget about the basic rules of kindness in a relationship. Being kind towards your partner can go a long way. And you really need to make sure that you always have kindness in your heart; that you are always mindful of the needs and wants of your partner. You can’t always just be thinking of yourself.

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