13 Things Your Man Is Likely To Never Tell You

Part of the struggle of dating men is the fact that they are just really reluctant to present their bare selves to their ladies. You try so hard to be open and transparent with your man about your feelings, but it never seems like he’s able to reciprocate the effort. It can get particularly frustrating having to deal with someone who doesn’t have the courage to open up to you about a number of things. Of course, not all men are the same. It would be unfair to generalize them into a single category. But a vast majority of men take very passive approaches to expressing what they want out of their women and their relationships.

Well, if you are a frustrated woman who wants to know what’s on your man’s mind, then this is the article for you. There are a number of reasons why men don’t get around to telling these things to their women. They might be shy. They might be afraid of how you would react. But regardless of the reason, it helps to know that these are some very common thoughts that a lot of men will have in relationships:

1. He wants you to put more effort into making yourself look good.

Of course he wouldn’t want you to think that his love for you is dependent on how you look, but it still makes him happy to know that you care enough to actually put more effort into making yourself more attractive for him. It will make him feel more appreciated and valuable.

2. The first thing about you that got his attention wasn’t your personality.

This is probably something you already knew, but he would never admit it you. Of course he wasn’t automatically drawn to your personality. He was drawn to your looks. But the important thing to remember is that he fell in love with your character.

3. He hates having to deal with you when you’re drunk.

There are some nights where you just want to let loose and have fun with the help of alcohol. You can even get complacent because you know that your man is there to take care of you. But he hates having to deal with you when you’re drunk.

4. He hates it whenever you put on too much makeup.

On the one hand, he loves that you would actually take the time and put in the effort to make yourself look good. But sometimes, you can overdo it with your makeup but he would never really admit that to you.

5. He still gets attracted to other people even if he’s in a relationship with you.

You are the love of his life and he’s very loyal to you. He probably wouldn’t even imagine cheating on you. But he’s only human and he can’t help but get secretly attracted to other women every once in a while.

6. There are times when he would rather be with his friends than with you.

Not to say that he doesn’t love you and that you aren’t worthy of his time. But there will be a few times wherein he will want some space from you. He will want to take a break from the relationship to just hang with his boys.

7. He is just as self-conscious about his body as you are about your own.

You aren’t the only one who has insecurities about how you look. He has his own personal insecurities about his appearance as well but he would never tell you that. He will always want to exude confidence.

8. He doesn’t want to have to reply to every single text message that you send him.

Even though he makes an effort to reply to every single text message that you send him as soon and as swiftly as possible, it doesn’t mean he actually enjoys it. Sometimes, a man just wants to be left alone to do his own thing for a while.

9. He doesn’t believe that communication can solve all problems.

You tend to think that talking solves all problems in a relationship. But he might not necessarily share that opinion and he would never admit that to you. He might be someone who puts more value in actions than words.

10. He needs you to do more for him in the bedroom.

He would never want to demean or belittle you about your performance in the bedroom. So whenever he doesn’t feel fully satisfied with your usual moves, he isn’t really going to tell you that.

11. He can tell whenever you fake your pleasure in the sack.

He knows. And because of his pride, he would never tell you that he knows.

12. He finds your friends really annoying.

He knows that you love your friends and that they mean the world to you. But what he isn’t telling you is that there are just a few of your friends who rub him the wrong way. But he can’t say anything because he knows it would hurt you to know that he hates your friends.

13. He still cries every so often.

He is always going to want to maintain his machismo image and he knows that that would only be tarnished with the knowledge that he cries fairly often.

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