13 Weird Facts About Love That You Probably Don’t Know About

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Despite our deepest desires, not all of us are going to be experts when it comes to love and relationships. And that’s okay. No one expects us to be experts anyway. At some point, all of us are going to be forced to deal with the confusion that comes with the complexities and complications of romantic love. We have to navigate a deep sea of feelings and emotions – and that’s rarely ever going to be anyone’s comfort zone. A lot of us will want to think that we are familiar with love to a certain degree especially when we’re experienced in that regard. But how much do we really know when it comes to love and relationships? How sharp are we when it comes to the matters of the heart?

As natural and as organic as it might be to fall in love with someone, we still have so much to learn about the idea of falling in love with someone. And if you want to further your knowledge on this basic aspect of human life, then maybe you should read all of the entries in this article.

1. When you’re in a relationship, your instincts automatically know if you’re going to work out or not.

Never underestimate the strength of intuition. A recent experiment conducted has shown that early couples who gave naturally quick answers about the potential of their relationships were eventually proven to be right about their initial intuitions. The couples who assumed that their relationship would work out or not were right more often than not.

2. Your sexual desires are actually fueled by your physical makeup.

Your brain plays a huge part in determining your sexual desires. It’s not about emotions or visual stimulants. Most of the time, it’s really about how your brain is wired. It’s all about how the nerves inside your brain conduct themselves. And that’s why people tend to have varying degrees of sexual inclinations.

3. Consumption of birth control pills could alter your taste in men.

Naturally, when you take in substances that alter or manipulate your hormones somehow, there are bound to be a few side effects. Studies have shown that women who consistently take birth control pills when in sexually active relationships are actually known to have shifting tastes when it comes to the men they want to be with.

4. Science confirms that you are more likely to like someone with identical DNA as you.

We are often told that opposites attract. We are often led to believe that we are mostly attracted to the people who are most unlike us. But science says otherwise. Studies have shown that people are likely to be drawn to other people who have similar DNA structures. This was determined through a survey of a large group of married couples.

5. Sexual stimulation has the power to numb ourselves to pain.

Scientific studies have also shown that sexual arousal and stimulation has the power to either blunt pain or increase a person’s tolerance for pain during that state of arousal. This could possibly explain why some sexually active partners partake in typically painful activities as a means of livening up the sexual activity.

6. Couples who watch romantic comedies together on a regular basis are known to show vast improvement in intimacy.

Don’t skip that romcom! It could help save your relationship. Based on recent studies, couples who watch romantic comedies often are known to have shown some improvements in the dynamics of their relationship after watching these movies.

7. Men who deal with erectile dysfunction are prone to heart disease.

It’s like kicking someone when their down. Not only is it unfortunate enough for a man to have to deal with erectile dysfunction. But studies have shown that a man who has erectile dysfunction is also likely to have some sort of heart problem.

8. Humility is one of the most attractive things that men and women find in their partners.

Stop being so arrogant. Social studies have concluded that one of the most consistently highest rated qualities that a person might look for in a partner is humility. The more humble you can make yourself, the more attractive you instantly become.

9. Cuddling between couples after sex is proven to indicate high levels of affection.

Based on a survey of successful marriages and relationships, it has shown that couples who cuddle after sex are likely to find more success when it comes to the longevity of their relationships.

10. People who get married are shown to live longer and healthier lives than those who don’t.

Science has determined that getting married can actually be good for your health – but the reasons as to why that is can actually vary. One study in particular has shown substantial bone strength in married men when compared to those of non-married men. Married people are also known to be more likely to overcome cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

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