13 Women Share What Made Them Realize Their Partners Didn’t Like Them

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Today’s post comes from a viral Tweet from relationship expert Oloni. She posted a question on her Twitter, asking all the ladies about what made them realize their boyfriends and husbands didn’t like them.

Oloni asked:

“You ever think about the men who said they liked you before and suddenly realised they actually really hated you”

Her tweet instantly went viral, receiving over 5000 Retweets. A lot of women came to share their stories of what made them realize their men didn’t think of them as they thought. Here are thirteen of the best replies:

1. @IfeSzn said:

“I drove 5 hours to him & ended up getting stranded half way cuz my car broke down. I called him to tell him & all he said was “damn” . Didn’t offer to come pick me up, didn’t offer any resolutions , nothing … Ended up waiting in the nearby train station for hours …”

2. @daisabenaa shared:

“Spent Valentine’s Day with his girl best friend. When he got home, he put a polaroid picture of them both and a plastic red rose she got him on display on his wall”

3. @mikuhatsunegirl said:

“Oh, I forgot one. I allowed a former long-time friend of mine who showed interest in me the privilege of a date & he turned around and started sleeping with his brother’s ex while trying to talk to me.”

4. @Cindy87798017 told a heartbreaking tale:

“I was living with him at the time when he invited his baby mama from another province to visit him. Had to go back home to give them space. He would fetch me to go have sex with him at his cousin’s place after work before he went home to his baby mama.I turned into a side chick!”

5. @krash619 shared a cheating story:

“He told me he’d never get married. After 16 years he cheated on me, married the woman he cheated with, and then told her family I was never more than a ‘hookup’.”

6. @mynamehere46 said:

“I was presented with a box that held beautiful diamond earrings……then was asked to put them in….HIS ears…on Easter….which that year happened to fall ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I got nothing….not even his presence at Easter/birthday dinner……we were married…..lol”

7. @SoniaMGraham1 shared:

“When he came clean about cheating on me our entire marriages (11years) with at least 17 women physically AND his own sister.”

8. @sycuhdelik said:

“me & this dude i was talking to would bicker over little things (almost like siblings). after another petty argument, he thought he’d ‘lighten the mood’ wit a ‘joke’ and said if he ever saw a group of men trying to take advantage of me, he’d stop, laugh, and keep walking.”

9. @NubianLuv6 shared:

“He asked me how I’d feel about him tattooing my name on his body. I was indifferent because neither of us were in to tattoos. He called me from the shop & said ‘How do you spell your name again?’ & laughed. He wasn’t joking-he tatted the name of the bi**ch he was cheating with…”

10. @Cindy87798017 shared another story:

“When my ex lost his job. I found a job as a waitress to support our son. I rented and bought him food. Found him one time with a girl in bed in a house I was renting for his unemployed a**”

11. @megchinmy said:

“My 1st ex (back in college) told me that a classmate of ours was very pretty. Once he even asked me why I didn’t shave my hairy arms to be smooth like that classmate. We broke up, ended college & I found out he started dating that classmate shortly after.”

12. @amy_greenwell shared:

“When my ex cheated on me because he deserved a pretty girlfriend and it wasn’t fair on him 👍🏻🙃”

13. @___Tiaire___ said:

“When the guy I was with for almost 2 years cheated on me repeatedly unprotected. And when I asked him why he didn’t have an answer and if he even cared how I would have felt he said no”

Read the rest of the replies on Twitter here.

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  1. I was in a relationship with my son’s father for 5 years. He was a deadbeat and moocher. One year for my birthday he had no money so he borrowed $20 from his Grandmother for my “gift “, turns out he bought me a wet & wild 99 cent nail polish and a small votive $1 candle and spent the rest on beer.

  2. My husband of 11 years cheated on me 6 months after my daughter(not his daughter) suddenly passed away because my depression made him uncomfortable and he wasn’t getting enough attention!!!

    1. Oh I am so sorry to hear this. I can’t even imagine how you must have felt. You are a strong woman. God bless you.

  3. My ex and I were together for 8 years, he cheated on me numerous times and I always forgave him, then on the first weekend of January he did it again and the same day we broke up.
    Four days later he was dating the girl he cheated on me with

  4. We had an argument & he said something rude to me. I don’t even remember what it was. My teenage daughter had just walked out of her room and heard him. She told him just how wrong he was. His reply was that listening to her voice was almost as bad as listening to her mother’s & she should never speak.

  5. I tried hooking up with my ex again, to see if we could fix things. Few weeks later, I discovered I had an sti when I confronted him, he said he had been with his ex, who had a bf and that it wasn’t a big deal it was just yeast infection, I should deal with it. Then I finally dumped his ass

  6. Dated this guy who had been after me for almost 2 years. We had a disagreement and he just started sprouting shit like we are so different I don’t even know if ts worth it. Being the stupid in love person i was told him we needed to talk and he said okay. He rarely communicated with me at that point and when a month ended i deleted his number after sending his a very long text

  7. My ex, would take phone calls, and go for a walk. Come to find out it was her ex girlfriend. All the while she simultaneously created a fake Facebook page, and tried to Catfish me.
    We were living together. Right before we moved she went to go meet that ex for lunch. Turns out she was covertly trying to get some of her pain medication. And the big kicker was the ex girlfriend announced she was engaged like two months later

  8. I was married, He cheated on me with my bridesmaid AND his ex girlfriend then he told me “I never cheated on you”… come to find out his ex was 11 weeks pregnant with MY husbands baby! It wrecked me for months….

  9. My ex of 20 years put me through hell and back but kept telling me it would be worth it. Said he would marry me and spend our lives together. Then he left me for 2 18 year old s*anks that looked like little boys. After 20 years I walked away and let them have him

  10. My ex first cheated on my on party we went together, he was outside flirting and planning sex with a women outside while I was inside the party venue. I took him back, 2 years later he was dating other women every night living in the same house married to me on a dating app. Will get home from work get dressed and go out, will spend the night away with various women, that was the end of it.

  11. I was married almost 30 yrs… raised three kids and took in a crack addict that had no where to go . Being my daughters age I felt bad for her and treated her like my own kid….. long story short she left with him for another province which I didn’t know about until I received a text from her containing a picture of the two of them kissing…… moral of this story? Never help someone by allowing them access to your mate🤨

  12. My ex and I got in a rather large fight .He kicked me out . On the way home I flipped my suv three times, bounced off four trees , & landed up side down in the back seat. I crawled out my suv & called him . I was 8 mins away from his house. It took him 12 times calling and 3 hrs to get to me by then a friend had passed by and was helping flip my suv and drag it to his house near by . My then bf showed up & didn’t ask if I’m okay. Makes a comment about “ How it’s sad the deer didn’t kill me. “ Then refused to drive me home , my friend who towed my suv did and stayed up with me all night . I had a major concussion ended up on medication and Injections in my butt to help it . It took 3 months to get better . His only response was , “ well that’s karma.”

  13. My ex and I were together for 5 months and he didn’t live that far away . He basically ghosted me after my cat died . I was really depressed and he guilted me in to coming to his house the next weekend ( which I had to go to his house all weekend every weekend or he’d throw a fit regardless of if I had plans with my family which I still lived with at the time . I only really got to see them on the weekends due to different schedules.Then the whole time I was there he only wanted to f*** and he got drunk and passed out leaving me alone. after I went back home he slowly stopped talking to me . Then quite a few months After he ghosted me completely he messaged me saying he didn’t really remember what happened between us or if we ended on bad terms. Apparently he got with someone else and they cheated on him and he wanted me to comfort him , he even came to my work where I told him to F off.

  14. My Son’s family took my Son from me. (Money.) The day I realized they weren’t bringing him home, I fell to the floor, breathless and broken, and he just sat on his phone. WE filed for custody. He took off one night with the money for our lawyer. I had to sign my son over. He said “at least you get to see him on the weekends.” He was also having an affair or two.

  15. 5 years I shelter him, he lost his job, than start part tim for awhile than he portent he was broke! Then he brought escort dirty street leaches to my house🤮🤮 still refuse to leave my house! So lame🤢

  16. When she didn’t even care to show up for my dads memorial service and then tried to blame her not attending on me.

  17. After 3 years of dating he tells me he hates all women.
    Asked him, “then why are you even dating if that is how you feel?” If you would stop treating us as if we are all the same, maybe things would go better.
    Dumped his insecure butt.

  18. I fell into a burnout and was put on leave from work by a doctor, and stayed off work for 9 months. During that whole time, he barely noticed I was crying all day and living in my pyjamas, never asked how I was doing, and recently said: “I didn’t think you were that unwell”.

  19. I was living in a camper for 7yrs with my guy. No bills, we banked our money, for a house. He has 100k, I have 10k. My mom has a stroke and needs my help. Doctors appointments ect. So I’m not working. My money is helping Mom. I ask him for help. He tells me he can’t afford the both of us. I had $200 a month in bills.

  20. My off and on boyfriend for to many years would bitch about me not working. Mind u I still always had money and a hustle for the times I wasn’t working a 9-5. He worked 2 jobs and never had money. He always wana talk bout my money ain’t shit! Yet always asking me for $200/500 a lot actually. I use to give it up but then no more. So we broke up cuz I don’t match his energy! Lol no it’s cuz u jealous that my ain’t shit money ain’t in your pocket. And mad u gota work 2 jobs and I don’t n still have money in my pocket!

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