14 Common Dating Mistakes That Women Make

Ladies, have you made these mistakes?

1. You are constantly choosing toxic partners.

Toxic partners make for toxic relationships. It’s just as simple as that. There just some people who aren’t cut out for relationships. There are those who just haven’t matured enough to a point that allows them to be viable participants in a romantic partnership. Be more selective of your dating partners.

2. You are overly loyal to a specific type of guy.

Stop boxing yourself in. Perhaps the reason why you still haven’t managed to find success in dating is because you continuously deprive yourself of options. If you keep clinging to a specific type of guy to be your potential life partner, then you are shutting yourself off from other great guys in the process.

3. You let the stress and pressure of dating get to you too much.

You place just too much importance and pressure on yourself while dating. You should just relax and allow dating to take its natural course with you. Some dates are good and some are bad. Some social experiments will be healthy and others won’t be as fulfilling. It’s a trial and error process that you constantly have to learn from.

4. You rush through the various stages of the dating process.

Remember that all of the best things that this world has to offer will always take time. You can’t have everything at once. If you want to have that magical, strong, and stable kind of love, then you are going to have to wait. You can’t rush someone into falling in love with you.

5. You tolerate bad dates out of fear of being disrespectful.

You shouldn’t have to put up with bad dating partners just because you are afraid of being called rude. When you know that things just aren’t working out, then cut your losses. You don’t have to keep on tolerating bad dating partners so that you can maintain your good girl image.

6. You cling to overly unrealistic ideas of love and romance.

Maybe you’ve read too many Nicholas Sparks novels. Maybe you’ve watched too many Ryan Gosling romantic movies. You have to learn to manage your expectations well. There’s a reason why fairy tales are fictional they rarely ever take place in real life. Real life dating is messy and it’s going to require lots of patience.

7. You put too much pressure on first dates.

Just because your first date with someone wasn’t magical doesn’t mean that you should immediately call things off. One big mistake that you could make in dating is only ever giving men one chance to make you fall in love with them. Sometimes, it takes a few dates before you can really feel yourself becoming comfortable with a person.

8. You settle for relationships with men who are undeserving of you.

Another reason why you might have been unsuccessful in dating is when you just settle for relationships with people who don’t really do it for you. You are too scared of living that single life for too long that you would cling to the first opportunity at a relationship you would find no matter how mediocre it might be.

9. You let the external pressures of society get to you.

Who cares if you’re getting up there in age? Who cares if all of your friends are getting engaged and/or married? Don’t let the external pressures of society get to you. Move at your own pace and let your dating life progress naturally.

10. You don’t listen to your instincts.

Listen to your gut more often. Sometimes, you have a tendency to let your intentions get the best of you and as a result, you blind yourself to potential destructive behavior that you might be committing to yourself. Learn to listen to your gut because it is always looking out for you.

11. You get ahead of yourself.

Just because you had a good first date with someone doesn’t mean that you should already be planning your wedding and thinking of potential baby names. Take the dating process one step at a time. Focus on the grind of the experience and take things slow. There’s no benefit to immediately jumping to the finish line.

12. You overly romanticize and idealize the people you’re dating.

Remember that you’re not dating fictional characters that you may have seen on the big screen or have read about in books. You are dating real human beings who have strengths and weaknesses. Be realistic and don’t romanticize them into anything that they are incapable of being.

13. You don’t really take the time to figure out what you’re looking for.

Before you can find success in dating, you have to make sure that you know what you want out of love and relationships. Otherwise, you will be caught in a seemingly endless loops of bad dates that will never give you the fulfilment or satisfaction that you need.

14. You take on a negative mindset in your approach to dating.

Maybe you haven’t found success in dating so far in your life, but you shouldn’t let that take you down. Don’t let that turn you into a negative person. Maintain your belief in the idea that love is eventually going to come for you and always try to exude optimism.

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