11 Common Reasons Men Dump Good Girls

You were a good girl, right? You tried your best to do right by your man? So where did things go wrong? Why were you blindsided when he decided to dump you? How come you didn’t see it coming?

The reason why breakups are so difficult to deal with is that these experiences carry with them such heavy emotional weights. It can be hard to rationalize a breakup because of all the emotional turmoil that consumes a person’s entire being. When a breakup is particularly heartbreaking for a person, then there’s really no easy way to think about the situation.

It’s difficult and anyone can understand that. However, after all the smoke clears, it’s time for you to face the facts and realize that your relationship wasn’t perfect. You were a good girl, right? Did you try your best to do right by your man? So where did things go wrong? Why were you blindsided when he decided to dump you? How come you didn’t see it coming?

Well, to help you out, just read through this list so you can understand why men still dump good girls.

1. Confidence

Confidence always plays a role in the dynamics of any relationship. In this case, it’s either you have too much of it or too little of it. A man can dump a good girl who is too sure of herself and carries herself with the confidence of an army. A man can also get tired of a good girl who doesn’t have the confidence to put her inner self on display for all to see.

2. Your Social Circles

Maybe he’s not too fond of the people you surround yourself with. No matter how good of a girl you are, he can’t overlook the fact that he doesn’t like your friends. Social circles are important to him and he doesn’t want to put you in the position to choose between him and your friends.

3. His Social Circles

Maybe it’s his friends who aren’t too fond of you. Sure, you are a perfectly good girl in his eyes and he loves you, but if his friends tell him otherwise, then that’s bad news for you. He may be choosing his friends over you and it’s totally beyond your control. 

4. Fear of Marriage

When things with the both of you start getting really serious, it might just scare him off. Yes, you’ve made substantial strides in your relationship and you’ve reached heights that you’ve never set foot on before. However, that can all come crumbling down the moment he starts getting intimidated. It’s not your fault entirely. You are a good girl who just happened to get into a relationship with a cowardly man and so he dumped you.

5. Too Safe

This reason is one of the cases wherein your good girl nature betrayed you. He found you to be too far on the safe side of the spectrum and he thinks there could be no excitement in a future spent with you. Maybe what he really needs is a bad girl who can make his heart skip a beat every time they’re together.

6. Self-Doubt

This is in connection with a person’s confidence. Maybe as a good girl, you tend to think so much of others and so little of yourself. Perhaps it’s time for you to start reviewing your own self-worth and acknowledge your good qualities. Let them shine and don’t afraid to be the center of attention in a room.

7. Family

Family is always an important aspect of relationships. Whether it’s your family or his family that caused the breakup, there’s really nothing much you can do about it. Maybe he doesn’t feel like he can fit in or adapt to your family. Perhaps his family doesn’t want to welcome you into their circle. Either way, your good girl image has little to do with it. 

8. Conflicts or Differences

after-breakupYes, you are a good girl. Yes, there are higher chances of people liking you because of your kindhearted nature. However, maybe the two of you just share some irreconcilable differences that would inevitably lead to breakups. It doesn’t matter how good you are. If you don’t mesh well together, then it’s never going to work.

9. Trust

Trust is one of the most important tools any relationship can use to build its foundation. There can’t possibly be a successful relationship that was built without having a strong foundation of trust. It doesn’t matter whether the individuals in the relationship are kindhearted, mean-spirited, good, or bad. If there is no trust there, then the relationship is just bound to crash and burn sometime soon

10. Enviousness

Envy is a terrible thing that we as a human race need to suppress. At this point, it doesn’t matter how much of a good girl you are because your boyfriend is just naturally envious. You may be doing so well in your life to the point where he gets envious whenever he sees you. The very thought of you being happy and successful upsets him because he feels like he deserves that kind of happiness also. It may be too much for him to bear.

11. Self-dependence

Sadly enough, not all men are attracted to strong and independent women. Some men still subscribe to the outdated states of mind wherein women should be submissive and meek. A man should be the provider in the family, but you’re just not having it. He would rather break up with you than have a relationship with a good girl who is too independent.

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