14 Rules For Being A Gentleman / 14 Traits Of A True Gentleman

A true gentleman makes sure that people around him are comfortable, respected and cared for. The courteousness, politeness, respectful and mature behavior of a true gentleman can make the world a better place to live.

Many people complain that chivalry is dead. It is true that we rarely find gentlemen around us today but chivalry is not completely dead. With a little effort and by developing a consciousness of people around, men can revive chivalry. Moreover, I’m giving out these 14 traits of real gentlemen. By adopting these traits, a modern man can turn out to be a gentleman in its true sense. If you have a crush on a guy and you want him to get attracted towards you should read How to get a guy to like you.

1. Maintain Proper Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene is basic criteria. If you are not clean, then it doesn’t matter how flattering clothes you are wearing and how charming you look. Basic hygiene includes:

  • Regular showers
  • Proper use of cologne and deodorants (make sure you don’t overdo them)
  • Pleasant Smelling appearance
  • Trimmed Nails
  • Properly shaved and trimmed mustache and beard
  • Neatly trimmed nose hair
  • Clean hands and feet

2. Be Presentable

After basic hygiene comes to your appearance, your clothing, your looks, and your overall personality. Appearance actually reflects your attitude and your state of mind. A true gentleman knows exactly how to present himself. His decency and decorum are reflected through his dressing. A real gentleman knows how to present himself at different venues and different gatherings.

3. Causes Comfort

He is the guy who causes comfort to the woman he is with. Gestures of a true gentleman may include;

  • offering woman his seat
  • helping with her coat
  • opens the door for others
  • offers his jacket to his girl
  • pulls out the chair for her
  • takes coat
  • reaching for the cheque at restaurants
  • stands when a woman enters the room
  • opening a car door

Hence, he will ensure that whenever he is around he is a source of comfort for the people around him. He doesn’t do it to show his strength and masculinity; rather he does all these comforting gestures to show that he really cares.

4. He is Punctual

A true gentleman is always punctual. He never keeps a woman waiting. He respects her and her time. A real gentleman always plans his time for unseen things like traffic, last-minute commitments, etc. He makes sure that he reaches to her well in time.

5. Respects Everyone

A real gentleman respects every woman. He treats every lady with respect and humanity, the way he would treat his mother, sister, daughter or any woman in his life. He will also show respect towards other men, elderly and children also. He respects everyone’s right to privacy and personal space.

6. Remarkable Morals

Morals and values are the true traits of a real gentleman. He knows his values and sticks to them in all circumstances. All his dealings and interactions with people around him are based on the firm moral values that never let him down.

7. Politeness

Being polite to everyone is an important attribute of a true gentleman. They can make conversation with people of all age groups and all genders. They always converse in a polite, mature and classy manner. They never raise their voice to prove their point. They never use an inappropriate tone, vocabulary or remarks while communicating with others.

8. Mannerism

From day-to-day interactions with others to table manners, a gentleman always minds his manners while in public or with his girlfriend. You don’t really need to master the use of all cutlery items but should stick to the basic table manners.

A true gentleman is never inappropriate in his manners. He doesn’t do anything that can be embarrassing for him or others who are with him. He is in control of himself, his body and mind, at all times.

9. Being Courteous

To be a real gentleman, courtesy is the key. Being courteous doesn’t require much effort on your part. You just need to be more polite and considerate of other people in your surroundings. Make use of magic words, ˜Thank You’, ˜Sorry’, ˜Please’, ˜Excuse Me’ etc.

10. Perfect Patience

One of the basic and most admiring traits of a gentleman is his patience. A true gentleman will never lose his patience with anyone. Whether in public, in a restaurant, at the office or with his girlfriend, he demonstrates perfect patience.

He will never push his girl to be physical without her approval. He understands other’s limitations and is patient about it.

11. Manly Manners

Your manly manners make you a real gentleman. He takes initiatives in an emergency situation. He is the one people look up to in case of trouble.

He demonstrates manly manners and makes a lasting impression on anyone he meets. A firm handshake, confidence, well-maintained eye-contact, and courteous behavior makes you the real gentleman. Whether meeting your boss, your family, your girlfriend’s family or some colleagues, he will present himself as a true gentleman.

12. Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the core of being a gentleman. You must take time to know yourself, create a positive self-image based on self-acceptance.

A true gentleman is confident and very much clear in his mind about his values, what he wants, his convictions, etc. He is honest about himself with others and also to himself.

13. Never Rude To Servants

To be a true gentleman you need to be polite, humble and courteous. A man with manners is never rude to servants, bartenders, waiters, etc. He gives everyone their due respect and never humiliates anyone, especially those who are serving under him. He would never treat anyone inferior to him badly.

14. Being A Gentleman To Your Girlfriend

A real man proves that he is a true gentleman in the way he deals with his girlfriend. You can be a real gentleman to your girlfriend in a number of ways:

  • Surprise her with unexpected gifts.
  • Help her and assist her whenever you are around.
  • Respect her thoughts and opinions.
  • Show affection in all your actions.
  • Stand up for your girl if any other men make advances towards your girl.
  • Never ever hit her.
  • Don’t raise your voice against her.
  • Don’t say anything bad or negative to others about your girl.
  • Don’t disclose personal things of your girlfriend or about your intimate relationship to anyone.
  • Don’t force her for anything she is not comfortable with.

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