14 signs you’ve found your perfect match

The perfect school, the perfect house, the perfect date, the perfect job, the perfect relationship and the perfect-everything! Even though we’re well aware that ultimate perfection is just that, a phrase; we still have can’t keep ourselves from going after it. It could be a good thing, as long as you can settle for the near-perfect scenario. But if you can’t, you’ll never be content with anything in your life. And in this search of yours you might even overlook certain things that you’d regret later on.

You want a perfect partner and you’d like to be one too. Let’s not forget that you and your partner are human, you can’t be perfect. But yes, your imperfections could fit together perfectly! How do you know if you’ve found someone who could be perfect for you? This is how;

1. You get good news, and they’re the first person you think of

Not only are you thinking of them most of the time, they’re also the first person you want to share good news with. Even if they’re not present, you’d text/call them. And everyone else follows.

2. The same goes for bad news

You’re worried over it, and need to get it out of your system. The first person that pops into your head is them. You know they’d never mind being your vent out. Furthermore, you find consolation and comfort in them like no one else. They may not even have anything helpful to say, but just laying it out in front of them is relief enough.

3. Your family’s opinion about them matters

If you’re looking for something long term, you know that there are going to be instances that your family and your partner would have to bear with each other. Hence, what your family thinks of your partner is very important to you. You want them to get along, but if that’s not possible, the next best thing would be to at least accept them as your partner. They might be disapproving or may be a little too hard on your partner initially. If he/she is serious about you, they’d surely try to get on the good side of your family.

4. They’re your best friend

You can comfortably be yourself around them. You don’t have to be the least bit pretentious just to create an impression on them. You can easily confide in them, tell them your most embarrassing stories, have deep conversations and simply laugh till it hurts. Along with the feelings you have for each other, this is equally important. The perfect partner is a blend of all the things one needs and wants.

5. You can sense each other’s moods

You’re so close and know each other so well, that even if the slightest thing about you seems a bit off, they can sense it. Either you’ve heard news that made your day, or had an argument that spoiled your mood, or you just read something thought provoking, they can tell even before you start filling them in with the details. You can pick up those little signs from your expressions and body language. And this makes it hard to keep things from each other.

6. They mock you

They make jokes about you, and instead of being offended you just can’t help but laugh with them. They know you well which makes this all feel easy.

7. You have separate lives

Of course, they overlap, but you both acknowledge and respect this fact. You have no trouble spending time apart, with family or friends or colleagues. And they have no trouble with it either. There is no invasion of space. You both do your own things in your own time, but find time for each other as well. And when it’s just the two of you, there are no distractions.

8. You’re not ashamed of being seen together

If you’re in it for the long haul, you will need to accept them as your partner in front of everyone. And there shouldn’t be any reason to be ashamed of them. This is someone you love, there ought to be good even great things about them. Never lose focus on those things, and you’d have no trouble giving their proper introduction to other people.

9. Even if you’re not doing anything together, it’s not awkward

The people you’re closest to, share your silence as comfortably as your meaningless chatter. If they’re the one, you should be comfortable doing nothing at all with them. Not feeling the need to fill some sort of void with conversation is what you’re looking for.

10. You’re not afraid to argue with them

Tempers rise, words are exchanged, sometimes they may be terrible, but at the end of the day, things settle. An argument is not the end of the world. You know that your relationship is mature enough to bear the weight of a fight. You also know that you both value each other more than anything and that is what gets you two through everything.

11. You see a future with them

It could be something a couple of days from now, or a couple of weeks from now, whatever the case may be neither of you is uncomfortable with making plans for the future. And why is that? Simply because you see a future together and it doesn’t sound something unusual.В 

12. You can tell them anything without scaring them off

People are weird, in some way or the other. Even if you keep your weirdness at a down low around other people, you don’t feel the need to do so around them. If your past is filled with horrible stories, you’d trust them with it. Be it anything, they will not be running away from you. Simply because they manage to look past all this and see the good in you. Moreover, they appreciate how you trust them enough to be honest with them.

13. They have your trust

You’re not worried about them spending time with friends from the opposite sex. You know the nature of their relationship and you trust your partner to be faithful to you. And they’ve never broken your trust, ever. The same is true for the other way round as well.

14. The unwavering support

Be it anything, you have their support. Even when you have doubts, they’re there to help you push through. They want to see you happy and to excel. And for that they never fail to do their part. Even if you’ve done something wrong, rather than abandoning you, they’d help you find a way to set things right.

All these things are precious. If you see them in your partner, you’ve found someone worth a lifetime. Treasure them. Cherish them. And lastly, give them what you’d want from them.

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