14 Signs That You Have The Best Boyfriend In The Universe

He’s definitively the best!

1. He doesn’t get upset when you choose to spend time with other people.

He recognizes your freedom and he never wants to make you feel suffocated. He doesn’t want to chain you to the relationship and he will never have a problem with you choosing to hang out with other people. He lets you have a life outside of your relationship.

2. He lets you wear whatever clothes you want.

He respects you enough to acknowledge your freedom of choice and expression. He would never demean or insult you for your clothing choices. He knows that your clothes are a manifestation of your personality, and he loves that about you.

3. He never goes to sleep without fixing an argument with you.

He doesn’t like you to ever end the day on bad terms. He will always try to make amends with you before going to sleep at night. He never likes the feeling of going to bed without fixing whatever arguments or disagreements you two may be having.

4. He makes an effort for your friends to like him.

He knows that your friends are important to you, and so it’s also important for him that your friends like him too. He always makes an effort to integrate himself into your life seamlessly and that includes making your social circles accept him.

5. He takes an interest in your passions and hobbies.

He doesn’t even necessarily have to enjoy the things that you’re passionate about but that won’t stop him from taking an interest in them. He does this because he loves you and he finds you interesting. So whatever manages to pique your interest will also be something he wants to learn more about.

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