14 Signs That You Treat Your Best Friend Like You Would a Boyfriend

Being single doesn’t have to be so bad when you have an awesome support system behind you.

Being single doesn’t have to be so bad when you have an awesome support system behind you. Having great friends to be around is always a good indication of having a nice life. Your friends are there to pick you up whenever your down, and they can fill the space in your heart that’s reserved for your future lover. In the meantime, you have your bestie there to help you get through life’s hurdles.

Your BFF is basically your right-hand person, and you can’t ever imagine yourself functioning properly without your best friend at your side. You practically do everything together. She’s like the sister you never got the chance to share a womb with. You’re always operating on the same wavelengths, and she makes you completely forget about the fact that you’re single.

Here are signs that you treat your best friend like you would a boyfriend:

1. You Ask Her Opinion Before Making Important Decisions

Your lives are practically connected at this point and so any major decision that either of you makes affects the both of you. You go to her immediately to consult her thoughts and opinions whenever you find yourself at a crossroads. She is like your second conscience and she doesn’t take that role lightly.

2. You Buy Each Other Food Constantly

You feed each other because food is one of the things that connect you as besties. You know that you would never allow each other to go hungry. You also know what the other likes and so it’s practically easy to pick what restaurant you’ll be buying from.

3. You Have Each Other’s Backs No Matter What

No one’s ever coming in between you two. Whenever you find yourself in a compromising situation, you can always count on your bestie to be there right behind you. She’ll pick you up whenever you fall, and she’ll help dust you off whenever you’re dirty.В – Continue reading on the next page

4. You Have Little Fights and Disagreements

You’re like that annoying old couple that’s bickering all the time about nonsense topics. You have little disagreements every now and then about unimportant things but it’s part of your charm.

5. You Get Jealous Of Her Boyfriends

You don’t like it when she doesn’t have time to hang out with you because she’s prioritizing her boyfriend. Yes, you understand why she has to be with her boyfriend too, but you can’t help but feel a pinch of jealousy anyway.

6. She’s Your Personal Uber Driver

Need a ride to the mall? Need help picking up some groceries? Need to get to a hot date? Why get an Uber when your best friend works perfectly fine?

7. You Basically Don’t Judge Each Other Anymore Because Nothing Surprises You About Each Other

There’s no more dirty laundry to air. There are no more skeletons in the closet. Your relationship is essentially a judgement-free zone and you like to keep it that way. Nothing surprises you about your bestie anymore because you practically know everything about each other.

8. She Knows More Things About You Than You Would Like

There’s a downside to being incredibly close and open to another person. You’re also allowing them to peek inside the areas of your soul that you want to be kept hidden. She knows your deepest and darkest secrets that you wouldn’t ever reveal to any other living person.

9. You Text Her Right Away When Important Things Happen

She’s practically number one on your phone’s Favorites list. You call her the INSTANT anything remotely interesting happens in your life because you feel compelled to keep her in the loop.В – Continue reading on the next page

10. Her Face Dominates Your Phone’s Camera Roll

You can’t even count the number of selfies she has in your phone’s camera roll. She’s jeopardizing the amount of memory you have left on your phone, and it’s fine with you because you do the same to her. You’ll never get sick of each other’s faces at this point really.

11. What’s Your is Hers and Vice Versa

That nice top she owns? It’s yours if you need it for a date. Those cute pair of shoes you bought for yourself last month? She’s wearing it to a party next week. That’s normal behavior for you because you share everything.

12. Your Other Friends Associate Yourselves With One Another

Your friends would never utter your name without uttering hers, and vice versa. You’re so closely associated with each other that you could easily pass off as a legitimate couple.

13. You Can Never Stay Mad At Each Other

You love each other too much, and honestly, you need each other too much.

14. You Keep Each Other In Line

Whenever one of you screws up and strays off path, you can always count on the other one to lead you back into the right direction. You’re always looking out for each other and calling each other out when you’re doing wrong. That’s the beauty of your relationship. You always know that ego doesn’t play a role in your best-friend-ship and it’s all just about love for each other.

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