14 Signs That Your Relationship Has A Crazy Bedroom Life

A happy bedroom-life means a healthy life!

A lot of couples will always find difficulty in maintaining the spark in their relationships. It can be difficult to keep the flame of passion burning brightly throughout the course of a lengthy relationship. Sometimes, it takes a lot of work and effort to keep things fresh in a relationship. You always want to make your partner feel like every day spent together is a new experience waiting to happen.

You want to be able to provide each other with thousands of priceless memories all the time but you have to understand that there will be occasional lulls in your relationships. Romantic partnerships are always up and down and you have to know that’s normal. However, if you’re really wondering about the status of your relationship, you can try studying your bedroom behavior. You can look into your sex life for indicators of a good and stable relationship. So how can you tell that you have a happy bedroom lives?

Well, here are some signs that you can take note of.

1. There is constant nudity.

You’re both so incredibly at ease with each other, you never feel awkward about walking around the house in the nude. You love looking at each other’s bodies, and you always feel comfortable whenever you’re bare nude in each other’s company.

2. You always flirt with each other.

When constant flirtation is alive in your relationship, that means that both of you are still making efforts for attraction. You always try to ignite each other’s innocent passions with playful flirtation. You make the most out of the time you spend with each other by letting each other know about your deepest passions and desires.

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3. You playfully make fun of each other.

You tease each other playfully without hurting each other’s feelings. Think of it as an act of endearment between the two of you. Your playful teasing is a sign that you’re confident with each other’s ability to be protective. You also show much emotional trust with someone when you allow yourself to be open to teasing.

4. You always have the urge to be around each other.

Whenever you’re not together, you find yourself thinking of your partner often. You just can’t get enough of each other and you always try to value each other’s time. You know that any time spent together is an opportunity to express your love for each other. You want to make the most out of any time you get to spend with each other.