14 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

1. There is an emotional distance between the two of you.

You feel like there is a substantial gap that has been formed between the two of you. Things are just off in your relationship. Things are no longer like they used to be but you can’t seem to pinpoint the root of the problem.

2. Your gut is telling you that something isn’t right.

You really have to learn to trust your instincts when it comes to matters of the heart. Sometimes, you can really overthink things in a relationship; or you can just be completely blind to everything that is happening around you. That’s why if your intuition is telling you that something just isn’t right, you need to be able to act on it.

3. They don’t like to spend as much time with you as before.

It used to be that you would spend practically all of your free time together. But as of late, he’s been wanting to do different things with different people in different places. You feel like you are losing him, and you probably are – to another person.

4. They no longer make you feel included in their life.

You are now a mere spectator in your own relationship. You no longer get a say in how they are living their lives. It used to be that they would never act on their own accord in the past. They would always consult you on everything. But now, they don’t really make you feel like they value your opinion.

5. They push you to spend more time with other people instead.

It’s always great to have a partner who encourages you to have your own life and who gives you the freedom to spend time with your friends. But it’s also really weird and fishy to have a partner who doesn’t really seem to want to fight for both your time and attention.

6. They are away from you at very odd and unusual hours.

When you get really solid in a relationship, you often develop some kind of routine between you and your partner. However, whenever that routine starts to change; when you notice that your partner is spending more time away from you, then you know that something is really up.

7. They don’t really open up to you about how they spend their time.

They act very secretively about the time that they spend away from you. Their stories don’t seem to mix and match. Their alibis are vague and inconsistent. You get the sense that they don’t to talk because they are too afraid of getting caught in a lie.

8. They let the phone ring whenever they’re around you.

Why wouldn’t they want to pick up that phone call? If it’s a work office number, then they shouldn’t be shy about picking it up in front of you. But when it’s a personal phone call from someone who shouldn’t really be in the picture, then you know they wouldn’t be able to take that phone call with you there.

9. They don’t talk to you about feelings and emotions anymore.

They don’t like to open up to you about how they feel because if they do, they know that they’re just eventually going to get caught somehow; and they’re too scared too let themselves slip up in their own pool of lies.

10. There is a certain sense of anxiety in the air whenever you’re together.

There is a certain tension and sense of anxiety when you’re together because there are a looming suspension and deceit. The stakes are higher and tensions are running high. He knows that one minor slip-up could lead to a huge argument between the two of you.

11. They take on a drastic change in how they look.

They change the way they look drastically. And it symbolizes the dramatic shift in how they feel about you and the relationship.

12. They hang out with a new “best friend” of the opposite sex.

They should be able to have a “best friend” of the opposite sex. But they shouldn’t be spending more time with that best friend than they do on you.

13. They have encounters with their exes.

You might not think anything to be fishy if you and your partner run into their ex every once in a while – especially if you mingle within the same crowds and social groups. However, you should know that it’s wrong when your partner seems to be running into the “ex” a little too consistently.

14. They act overly critical of you and your personal flaws in the relationship.

They start to really highlight the negative aspects of your personality. They really hone in on all the things about you that are less than perfect. They want to really show you that you’re not as great as you might think you are. And they do so to destroy your ego and sense of confidence.

  1. OMG so on point. I had all of that in my life with my ex. He always made me look like I was crazy and told me so. Finally had enough of his Narcisistic ways . He is gone but he is doing his best to have my 4 daughters who he never did anything for hate me. He even said they were all whores, just another thing to upset me. Stayed with him until my youngest went off to college. This guy is a wacko, wore fancy jewelry and drove expensive cars, on one count he had 59 cars during our time together. He could hug and kiss all the girls but let one man kiss or hug me he would flip out. So glad he moved away. But like I said, he is working on my daughters now. He just doesn’t know how strong I am. He will not get away with it Karma will get him. Married 3 mo after divorce , her 5th marriage. LOL. Good luck to him.

  2. This is totally what I’ve been goin thru for almost the whole relationship then I was stupid and married him at 46.. 3 yrs later total of 6 yrs of same deceit and misery. He has sucked me dey of everything my credit down 200+ points, no vehicle no bank acct no nothing. Now he’s lost his job when at one point he was there every time doors opened when on days he wasn’t supposed to be and now says we are broke and our bills are passed due and being evicted and he’s asleep as we speak. I’ve got health issues that I was working on fixin to be self sufficient again and now no insurance. I’m soo screwed. I’ve never needed a man now I have nothing to offer myself nor the next and I’m scared to death.. I’ve gained weight and feel soo low… I’ve never had a problem with pulling whomever I wanted and when but today it’s not that way and I need a Captain Save a NonHo.. ugh help!

  3. I felt this number 13 still connected with his ex though I can’t pinpoint whoever becoz he had many exes

  4. All true! Went through all 90% of those ending of 2022 then she called it off in January 2023 after a 27 year relationship

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