14 Things about Relationships that Men Hate the Most

Relationships can be difficult. You need to have lots of patience and resilience with one another in order for it to work. Miscommunication can often be damning for even the strongest kinds of relationships. Men and women will always be different. It’s hardwired into their respective DNA’s. The best way to keep your relationship healthy is to have plenty of understanding for one another. Whenever frustrations arise, try to understand their perspective on things and be more empathetic. For all the ladies who are confused about why their boyfriends are angry all the time, maybe this list can help you out.

These are 14 things about relationships that really frustrate men:

1. Not Being Given Enough Attention

Don’t be fooled by a rugged and macho exterior. A man will also need attention. Think about it, a man would never willingly go into a relationship with someone unless he craved for attention from their significant other. Some men need attention more than others, it varies really. But you should find out how much attention your man needs and find a way to maintain the harmony in your relationship.

2. Jealousy

To some men, yes it’s cute to have a playfully jealous girlfriend. It’s a nice feeling to be wanted. Then again, there are just some girls who get overly crazy jealous to the point where it actually harms the relationship. Don’t fall into the trap of constantly needing your man to have his eyes only on you. He also has friends, hobbies, and aspirations that are worthy of his attention.

3. Not Getting Enough Alone Time

Your boyfriend loves you. Don’t worry. It’s just sometimes he also needs some time to be with himself. Being around people for prolonged periods of time can be quite suffocating. Sometimes, a little solitude can be healthy for mind and body. Just let him be if he wants to have his alone time with video games, or when he wants to work out at the gym. You don’t constantly have to be clinging to his side.

4. Persistent Nagging

Guys can be very frustrating, even they know that. So it’s perfectly understandable for girls to be constantly showing their frustration everyday by nagging and complaining. However, it sometimes gets to the point where it no longer helps your relationship. Persistent nagging and complaining can come off as very annoying and confrontational. Call your man out when he’s doing wrong but don’t be the constant nagger.

5. Financial Worries

It’s simple truth. Being in a relationship can be a huge blow to one’s bank account. Constantly having to pay for dates, gifts, and shared utilities can add up over a period of time. It’s not like there’s a quick fix for this because money problems are serious issues. Just make sure the both of you are both completely honest with each other about your financial situations.

6. Conversations about Exes

Just avoid any conversations about exes completely. He doesn’t want to hear about your ex-boyfriend even if you’re saying bad things about him. He just doesn’t like the thought of you thinking about your exes whenever you’re with him. It makes things very uncomfortable and could spell doom for your relationship.

7. Having Relationship Secrets Revealed to Others

The intimacies and secrets of your relationship should stay where they are supposed to be: within your relationship. Your friends don’t need to know about his quirks, your sex life, your arguments, and other private details.

8. Having to Plead to Hang Out With Friends

To a loving boyfriend, a girl can make his whole world light up. But it’s perfectly healthy for each person in a relationship to have a world outside of their relationship. A man and woman should get to hang out with their respective friends without needing to beg for permission from the other.

9. Trust Issues

Trust is basically the bedrock of a relationship. You have to be able to trust each other if you want to make things work. When a guy knows that his girl can’t trust him, it’s very frustrating and downright insulting.

10. Clinginess

Don’t confuse this for giving your man the attention he needs. There’s a limit to that. Again, a man also values his independence and ability to do things on his own. You don’t need to be constantly by his side 24/7. Healthy couples understand limits and allow freedom for individual exploration.

11. Physical Insecurities

A man will love you for who you are and not just what you look like. Yes, your appearances are part of the equation, but they don’t make up the whole story. A man loves you for everything that you can offer him, and not just what you can show from your exterior. Your physical insecurities might frustrate a man who only wants to make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

12. Giving Up Favorite Activities

It’s understandable for compromises and sacrifices to be made when in a relationship, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Maybe a man needs to cut down on his usual allotted time for hanging out with his buddies, or playing his video games. That’s fine. If he loves you, he would willingly make this sacrifices, but also be understanding if these sacrifices end up frustrating him too.

13. Drama. Drama. Drama.

Men typically aren’t very comfortable in dealing with their emotions. This is unfamiliar territory for them so should any drama arise in your relationship, you can expect him to be frustrated. Don’t take it personally. He may not be frustrated with you as a person, but with his own inability to deal with his feelings about a difficult situation.

14. Having Patience Tested Constantly

This is probably one of the most frustrating things a boyfriend will have to go through. Ladies, we understand that you like to take your time when preparing for a night out, but it can get a little excessive at times. A man’s time is valuable, and if you’re constantly late or lagging behind, it just shows that you don’t value his time as much as you do yours.

Men, Talk to me

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