If He Does These 10 Things, Then He’s The Right One For You

You get the general sense that things are going pretty well in your relationship and that you should really be thankful. However, you also can’t help but wonder if this relationship is the one that you are really meant for. You know that things aren’t perfect; and that they could possibly be better. However, you also don’t want to be throwing your relationship away just because you can’t be contented. If you need to be reassured that the relationship that you’re in is the right one for you, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

It’s okay to have doubts in a relationship; but you shouldn’t let your doubts keep you from enjoying your relationship as a whole. You can’t be taking your partner for granted. And what this article is going to aim to do is to rid you of all the doubt that you have in your mind. If a lot of the things listed here actually apply to your partner, then you know that he’s definitely the right one for you.

1. He always does his part in trying to make you feel understood. He knows that you might have trouble expressing yourself sometimes; but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to put a conscious effort into trying to figure you out. He’s always trying to learn more about who you are and what makes you tick.

2. He goes out of his way to make your life as easy and as comfortable as possible. He knows what it really means to be someone’s “partner” in life and he doesn’t take that task lightly. He really goes above and beyond to be there for you; to make sure that you always know that he has your back especially when you need him the most.

3. He never withholds his love and admiration for you. He isn’t afraid of putting himself out there and making himself vulnerable to you. He is always going to wear his heart on his sleeve; to let his feelings be known. He wants you to be able to see him for who he really is and what he really feels about you.

4. He tries to always generate a positive atmosphere whenever the two of you are together. He wants you to be as happy as can be; and he knows he can’t do that if he’s being negative and irritable all of the time. He’s always going to try to uplift your spirits when you’re feeling down.

5. He is always going to support you in your goals and dreams. Sure, he knows when it’s time to call you out when you’re being unreasonable. And he can even try to talk some sense into you when it’s needed. But ultimately, he always has your back. And he’s always going to try his best to push and motivate you to get you where you need to be.

6. He is someone who always does his part to maintain physical intimacy with you. He knows that love isn’t just an emotional game; it’s a physical one as well. And he doesn’t consider it too cheesy to give you hugs and kisses all the time. He doesn’t consider it weird to cuddle with you without having sex. He wants to be physically intimate with you because he knows that that’s part of love.

7. He still puts in the effort in trying to make you fall for him even when you’ve been together for the longest time. No matter how deep you get into the relationship, he never grows complacent. He is always working hard; trying to earn your love the best way he knows how. He’s always going to try to win your heart by being sweet and romantic.

8. He apologizes whenever he does something wrong. He’s the kind of guy who is mature and humble enough to actually acknowledge his own personal faults. He knows that he’s only human and that he shouldn’t be above apologizing to the woman he loves. He always tries his best to be perfect; but in the moments that he isn’t, he doesn’t shy away from admitting it.

9. He always keeps things real with you. He never patronizes you or blinds you to the truth. He is always going to let you know what you need to know. He’s always going to tell you what you need to hear. He isn’t going to baby you and treat you like some kind of toddler who just can’t handle the truth.

10. He respects you. He never undermines, belittles, or demeans you. He doesn’t see himself as above you; and he always treats you with decency and care. He’s an upright guy who always knows that if he wants to keep you in his life, he always needs to give you the respect that you deserve.

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  1. She seems to be writing something … but no specific knowledge to back up i guess. These are just a view from a single side lover. some of Those selfish aproach will never gonna make it a good environment for a a partnership.

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