14 Things To Never Post About Your Relationship On Social Media

There is no doubt that in this age of accessible information, social media has played a huge role in shaping our relationships and social interactions. A lot of times, people can develop romantic entanglements and social unions with minimal physical contact because of social media. The advent of social media has made long-distance relationships much easier and more manageable.

It’s no secret that social media interaction can either make or break a relationship. While social media is a relatively new phenomenon to society, it’s important that we are aware of some basis unwritten rules about social media usage especially when it comes to relationships. There are some absolute no-no’s that you need to take note of before you start broadcasting your relationship on social media. Here are just a few of them.

1. Don’t post about your bedroom activities.

This should be left unsaid, right? But you would be surprised at how many idiots feel the need to broadcast their sexual adventures on their social media feeds. No one wants to see your private bedroom activities except for the perverts (and maybe not even them).

2. Don’t post intimate details about your relationship.

No one has the right to know about the nuances of your relationship except for you and your partner. Keep your problems and your most private details to yourselves. If you are having some difficulties, resorting to social media won’t make things any better.

3. Don’t post overly cheesy and tacky romantic messages.

We get it. You’re in love. But there’s really no need to be writing cheesy love letters on your Facebook timeline for the whole world to see. There’s still grace and class in being discreet with your expressions of love. You only need to express your love to your partner, not everyone else.

4. Don’t post anything connected to arguments you might be having.

If you happen to be arguing with your partner at the moment, then there’s really no need to bring the fight to social media. Letting the public know about your feud could only worsen an already sketch situation. Just keep any arguments you might be having between yourselves.– Continue reading on the next page

5. Don’t post unflattering pictures of your partner.

Unless of course they tell you that it’s okay. Otherwise, just don’t do it. You don’t want to give your partner an excuse to fight with you or worse, get back at you.

6. Don’t post kissy-kissy pictures.

Trust us, while you think most people are going Awww how cute at your lip-locking pictures, in reality, they’re not. Also, you’re giving your friends who are unlucky in love just more reasons to resent you.

7. Don’t post harsh jokes about your partner.

While it’s wrong to make your partner the butt of a joke, it’s even worse if you do it on a platform as large as that of social media. Public humiliation should not be taken lightly, and while it does come to a lot of us at certain points in our lives, it should never be caused by our significant others.

8. Don’t post about extravagant presents that you may be giving or receiving.

Don’t take away from the emotional value of a gift by flaunting its extravagance on social media. Luxurious gifts like jewelry, gadgets, or electronics are always good ideas for gifts, but when you post about them on social media, you’ll only come across as materialistic.

9. Don’t post passive-aggressive messages for your partner.

If there’s turmoil in your relationship, there’s no need to make things public. Tackle the problem head on without being passive-aggressive. Talk things out with your partner and leave social media platforms out of it.– Continue reading on the next page

10. Don’t post questions asking for validation.

We look cute here, don’t we? You love me more than anyone else, right? These are annoying questions to ask regardless of the platform. They only become all the more annoying when you broadcast them on social media. It’s not cute.

11. Don’t post sexy pictures that were meant for your eyes only.

There’s a reason apps like Snapchat and other private messengers exist. Some things are meant for your eyes only. Facebook doesn’t need to see that racy photo that your partner just sent you. Don’t betray your partner’s trust like that.

12. Don’t post any misgivings you may have about your partner’s family.

You never want to put yourself in a position wherein your in-laws can find a reason to hate you. If you start ranting about them on social media, then you’ve officially lost control of your reach. Your messages of hate are bound to reach them, and you better pray that they’re a forgiving and forgetful bunch.

13. Don’t post every single aspect of your relationship.

It’s okay to post about your relationship once in a while, but keep things in moderation. The world doesn’t need to know what you and your partner are doing every damn minute of every damn day.

14. Don’t post about your ex in any shape or form.

Just don’t. In fact, avoid talking about your ex in whatever shape or form from now on.

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