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15 Little Things He Loves That You Do

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A guy is complicated when it comes to relationships as he is not very expressive about what he likes about you and which things prove to kill the buzz.

Sometimes, your slightest move can light up his world and sometimes, out of the blue, he might not like something that you do. Here are somethings that you should pay heed to.

  1. When you watch his favorite games or movies with him:

Believe it or not but men love it when you sit next to them to watch their favorite game. In fact, that’s the best time to snuggle with him and make your man happy. It makes him happy when you take interest in the movies or games he likes and makes it easier for him to give references from Star Wars or Lord of The Rings and he enjoys talking to you.

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  1. You encourage him:

Your man needs a little encouragement and reassurance when he’s doubtful or down about the major life decisions he has to make or some petty issues at work. Just tell him that he has the potential to achieve his goal and you believe in him and trust his decisions. After all, everyone needs support from their loved ones in their difficult time.

  1. When you give attention to him:

When he comes back home after a long tiring day at work, he looks for your comfort and needs you to listen to his office stories. Take interest in them and discuss them with him. He really loves the attention you pay to the little things that he mentions and when you take interest in his matters.

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  1. When you take care of him:

He loves it when you tuck him in bed, feed him and bring him his favorite movies to watch when he’s sick . He adores it when you show your concern for him and stay up all night to keep a check on him. – Continue reading on next page

  1. When you wear his favorite scent:

Men absolutely love it when you wear a scent that he has gifted you on your birthday or a scent he specifically mentioned that he likes. He can feel your presence in a crowd when you’re wearing his favorite perfume.

  1. When you do something special for him:

Everyone loves to be treated in a special way. You can make unexpected small arrangements for a dinner together, buy him unexpected gifts that remind him of you or write him cute handwritten notes that express your feelings for him or mention the things you love about him.

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  1. You talk about him in front of your friends:

A man feels confident about himself and your bond with him when you talk about him in front of your friends and appreciate him. When you mention his qualities and efforts in front of your friends, it makes him love you a little more.


  1. You cook his favorite food:

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A man admires the effort you put in making his favorite food. Remember good food creates good memories. So decorate your table, light up a candle and cherish the time you have in your hand while he enjoys the food that you especially cooked for him.

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  1. When you give him breakfast in bed:

Who doesn’t like it when his beautiful girl walks up to him with a good cup of coffee in morning? Wake up a little early and serve him with breakfast in bed. Trust me, men love a little pampering and it will make his day.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. You leave sweet random texts during work hours:

A man loves to see your sweet texts which remind him that you are missing him or how much you love him. It keeps him going through the day and boosts his morale when he knows that he has someone who is waiting for him and who loves him a lot.

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  1. When you take a stand for what is right:

Your man takes pride in you when you put your faith in him and fight for him or when you take a stand to support what’s right and ethical. He likes it when you give logical and valid reasons and win an argument.

  1. When you hug him unexpectedly:

Hug him at unexpected moments. It in fact melts his heart when his girl keeps her face on his chest or plays with his hair. These little gestures keep the spark in your love alive.

  1. When you show interest in his family:

For men, their family is important. In a relationship, families can’t be singled out. Ask about his family, spend time with them and buy little meaningful gifts for his home.

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  1. When you act natural with him:

When you’re in public, you act as a composed, decent person but when you are with him you act like his naughty girl who is nice and sweet but loves teasing him a little and is best at rocking his world.

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