15 of the Worst Ways to Show that You Love Him

Ladies, please refrain from doing these things.

1. You stalk him on social media.

Yes. It’s okay to check up on his social media profiles every once in a while, but it’s another thing entirely to be scrutinizing his social media activity. Stop acting like a social media monitor. It’s creepy. He should get to do whatever he wants on his social media pages, and he’s deserving of your trust.

2. You try to control every aspect of his life.

Stop being a micromanager. Your boyfriend is not your employee and you don’t have full ownership of his time and his personal ambitions. He is also his own man who knows how to live life on his own. If he’s old and mature enough to be in a relationship with you, then he is also mature enough to know how to run his own life. If he needs your help for something, he will ask.

3. You let yourself be available to him all the time.

You shouldn’t be willing to give up your whole life for the sake of your relationship. You should still have some sense of ownership for your own time and schedule. You have your own personal goals and ambitions, right? If he really loves you, he would understand and respect your own need for personal space.

4. You try to rush the pace of your relationship.

You should always let your relationship take its natural course through time. One of the biggest mistakes that any couple can make is when they rush through the various relationship stages. Don’t pressure him into taking your relationship to the next level even when neither of you is ready for it yet. You might as well be fast-forwarding to your breakup.

5. You buy him clothes even though he never asked you to.

To you, it may seem like a sweet and innocent gesture. But to him, it’s like you’re saying you don’t like the way he dresses and that you’re ashamed of how he looks when you’re out in public together. If you want to be nice and buy new clothes for him, then ask him about it first. Maybe you can make a shopping date out of it too.

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