15 Qualities The Person You Are Going To Marry Should Have

Getting into a relationship with someone is a very difficult decision. But more challenging than this decision is to find a person whom you really want to get married to.

When we are considering a person as our life partner, we go way beyond the looks and physical attraction. Here are 15 qualities that most of us will look for in our life partner to be:

1. Shares Your Beliefs

If your significant other has faith in you and your beliefs then you must cherish him/her as your life partner. Such a life partner will not only respect your beliefs but will also strengthen your faith with his/her support and encouragement.

2. Appreciates Staying In Together

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Go for a partner who not only enjoys your company and presence but also prefers it over everything else. The definition of quality time, for both of you, should be anything that you guys do together. It can be partying as a duo, hanging out together for movies, or staying in together having an intimate evening; the idea is to be in each other’s company without the need of anyone else.

3. Makes You A Better Person



Be with someone who brings out the best in you.’ It is not just a quote, it is a basic criterion for a life partner. If you feel that a person can contribute positively to making you a better person, don’t let go of him/her.

4. Compromises

Compromising is the core ingredient for healthy and successful relationships. Compromise doesn’t mean that you suppress your feelings and likes for others; it is valuing the desires and likes of your partner and being happy just seeing them happy.

5. Teaches You Something New

Life is about learning something new every day. There is nothing more special and enjoyable if you learn something from your significant other; it can be a skill, some new trick, baking, or cooking something different or learning about politics and more important matters. A person who is happy to teach you something without looking down upon you for not knowing that thing or without making you feel inferior in any way is an ideal life partner material.


6. Respects Your Family

A person who respects your family definitely deserves to be a part of your life and your family. Never let go of anyone who not only likes but also respects your family.

7. Trusts You

This is one of the most important qualities to look for in a person you are planning to spend your life with. If your partner trusts you then you two are bound to having a rocking life together.

8. He / She is Trustworthy

Well, trust is always a two-way thing. Only a person who is trustworthy can trust you wholeheartedly. Those partners who are constantly spying on their significant other mostly have some guilt deep inside their own hearts. So, if you find a partner who trusts you and is reliable, sincere, and trustworthy, then there is no point in rejecting him/ her.

9. Satisfies Your Desires

We cannot rule out the importance of sexual satisfaction in a successful relationship. If your partner satisfies your sexual desires and you both enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling intimate relationship, then you are ideal to tie the knot.

10. Loves Your Flaws

An ideal life partner not only believes in your strengths but also accepts your flaws. If your partner understands the fact that no one is perfect and accepts all your imperfections, then your soul mate is right there with you.

11. Gives You Well Deserved Compliments

Compliments are always welcome; they make you feel good about yourself and you develop more feelings towards your partner. Partners who openly and wholeheartedly complement their significant others are always a better option as a life partner. (We are not talking about fake compliments used just for flattery; by compliments, we mean genuinely well-deserved compliments.)

12. Share The Same Values

When you are making a selection for a life partner, always go for a person who shares the same values as yours. If you are too humble and down to earth, you won’t be able to cope up along with a partner who is too arrogant or materialistic. So, make your choice wisely, keeping in mind your perspective of life as a whole.

13. Stays Faithful

Of course, that is the basic thing. Don’t let the looks and charms mislead you; choose a person who is faithful to you.

14. Doesn’t Impose Undue Restrictions On You Or Your Relationship

The person you marry should not impose any restriction on you or stop you from being your own self. A life partner should give you personal space and must never restrict you from meeting your family or friends.

15. Delivers Unconditional Love

He or She has an unconditional love for you; this will be the base of your strong relationship as a married couple. Marriage brings in with it a lot of challenges and responsibilities, only a person who loves you truly and unconditionally will stay with you through thick and thin.

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