15 Relationship Red Flags Which Tell You That You’re In A Bad Relationship

Red flags that shouldn’t be ignored.

A lot of us devote a lot of time, effort, and attention into landing ourselves into relationships. And we devote much more time, effort, and attention into trying to sustain them as well. And even when we pour our hearts and souls into our relationships, we can still come out on the losing end. It isn’t always fair, but hey, that’s life. Not all relationships are going to be built to last no matter how good things may seem at the start. Sometimes, relationships can be absolutely bliss at the beginning and things can turn sour just as quickly as the relationship started. You owe it to yourself to make sure that you don’t stay in toxic relationships for too long. You don’t want to end up being mentally damaged and emotionally traumatized as a result of prolonged exposure to a toxic love. You always want to be looking out for yourself as much as possible even when love requires you to be vulnerable to some extent.  

Ake note of this: if you and your partner have a few disagreements and fights every now and then, that shouldn’t typically be a problem; especially if the both of you know how to compromise and meet each other halfway. Fighting in a relationship is perfectly normal and it shouldn’t necessarily be a cause for concern right away. Fighting with your partner doesn’t automatically mean that you’re in a bad relationship.

There are plenty of other signs that can signify that you’re in a bad relationship and its very important that you make yourself aware of these signs. You really have to know how to spot toxic relationships early on so that you don’t end up wasting your time with someone who really isn’t worth giving your effort and commitment to. If you continue to stay in a relationship that is just plain bad, it wouldn’t really be fair to anyone involved. You will only end up depriving yourselves of the opportunity to actually pursue the love that you are both deserving of. So it doesn’t matter if you pity your partner, if the relationship is bad, you both have to have the courage to break things off. You both need to come to the resolution that you need to move on in life even if that means living your individual lives apart from one another.

But how do you know if you’re actually in a bad relationship? How do you know when the time is ripe for you to walk away from your romance? How do you know when you should just call it quits? You don’t automatically want to end things just because a few things that your partner does make you unhappy. Just because something is broken doesn’t mean that you should throw it away. You have to be able to try to work things out. You have to try to fix things. You have to acknowledge that you and your partner are only human beings. You are still prone to making mistakes. You aren’t perfect after all. And you have to be able to work through your mistakes with love, commitment, and dedication.

However, the problem remains that some relationships just can’t be saved no matter how dedicated or committed two people can be to one another. Some relationships are just plain bad and they’re not meant to be. And those are the kinds of relationships that you really need to just walk away from the moment you discover that you’re in them. And you can spot these relationships if you just stay vigilant. You just have to take notice of a few signs. And if you see that a lot of these signs actually apply to your relationship then get out as quickly as you can.

1.tOne partner is always the dominant one and there is no balance of power in the relationship.

2.tNeither of you can ever really be made to feel comfortable around each other.

3.tOne or both of you make it a habit to humiliate the other in public.

4.tThere is an unhealthy sense of possessiveness, entitlement, and jealousy in your relationship.

5.tYou are fighting all too often about the same recurring topics.

6.tOne of you always has to rely on the other for financial support.

7.tOne or both of you refuse to talk about important issues of the relationship because it makes you uncomfortable.

8.tOne or both of you avoid talking about the future because the uncertainty scares you.

9.tOne of you doesn’t contribute in the maintenance and upkeep of your living space.

10.tYou often engage in dishonesty with one antoher.

11.tYou have a very dead sex life.

12.tOne or both of you attract too much unnecessary drama in your relationship.

13.tYou find yourselves constantly thinking about what life would be like if you weren’t together.

14.tYou are constantly criticizing one another.

15.tThere is substantial manipulation and abuse in your relationship.

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  1. Hi there. I have been married for 18 years and now i am not sure if i am with the right person. We have 4 kids together and dont want to lose them. At the same i am suffering i feel he and i are not on the same page. I couldnt even one time call him honey or sweety for the padt 18 years. I feel that i am in a prison and want to get out.

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