15 Signs He is not serious with you and you are just a toy to him

Be very careful!

Sometimes, we look for scenery and only get a peek of the mountain. We wish and hope for nice and stable relationships when all we get is a joke-cracking, ass-staring pervert who would readily dump us for a woman with a bigger ass. Sometimes, we just roll our eyes and move on because it was all kind of obvious from the beginning but other times, we actually get attached to the guys who were only using us like toys and were successful at it. It’s necessary you assess your relationship and look for any signs of him using you for fun because, obviously, you deserve better.

1. Not So Interested:

If a guy is with you for nothing more than having fun for some time then he will show clear signs of it and in order to notice them you will have to be very keen. For instance, if he has enough interest in you and the relationship can be checked but not if you are blindly in love with him. With your senses all awake, observe and conclude. If he is in for a good time and nothing more, he will not show the needed amount of interest in your life. By your life, we mean your goals, aspirations and skills; the things you dream of and are saving up for.

2. Not Ready To Compromise:

There are times in a relationship when things hold up together only when the two people sacrifice something of their lives to keep the relationship going. It is a sign of affection and true love which will be absent in your guy if he is only a time-waster.

Time wasters are scared of getting too close lest you annoy them and take the peace of their lives away. When a time like this comes in a relationship, the time waster will always back out, not willing to even consider making the sacrifice. Don’t justify this action and take it as a strong sign. 

3. King of Excuses:

He would be the ultimate suitor for the iron throne, only made of a hundred different excuses instead of metal swords and his friends being the knights supporting the throne.

Coming back to this century, guys who only consider you a thing of play, a toy will not come running when you need them. Even when you don’t need them and only miss them, they will make the famous excuse of being busy. Busy is a vague word, and the untrue reality that people who love excuses rely on for running away from situations they are not in the mood for. Mind you, true love does not depend on mood.

4. God, You Are Hot!

Boy oh boy, here comes the strongest sign. If he is more than interested in your figure and is often looking over your personality for the sake of it, he is a transparent douchebag. We all like compliments, yes, but ignoring our abilities and other aspects of your personality only for our curves is straightaway sexist. If you are dating a time-waster, you will see a lot of body-loving and very little of actual appreciation. Guys like that are all about your physical appearance and even like to show you off to their friends so make sure you know when that is happening.

5. No Efforts Whatsoever:

Relationships are a two-way lane where if an incoming side is deserted there will be no outgoing. It is like a balance that needs equal weights and sometimes heavier weights on the other side and one is weak but completely removing the weights from one side is never an option.

Your relationship will be the last priority to the guy who is only in it for fun because it does not matter to him. He will be like the annoying aunt who likes to eat pie but never learns how to make it. He will be there when there is a pie to eat but will run away when it comes to doing the dishes.

6. His Happiness is Everything:

On his priority list, one of the many things above your name would be his own happiness. And for the sake of it, he would often want you around, ignoring your own schedule. Just like he will be there for you when it is convenient for him, he will want you around when it is convenient for him.

Not being able to see your life and its businesses is a sign of him only dating you for his pleasure. The guy who understands your reasons and appreciates when you understand his is the guy you should be with, not one for whom his happiness is everything.

7. He Calls You When He Needs You:

Or we can say that he only calls you ONLY when he needs you. Yes, guys who love you for being hot and attractive will call you when they need you, not for any other reasons. A guy true to you and the relationship would often ask to check on you or because he misses you.

It takes almost five seconds to type and send a short text so if the time-waster has excuses for not texting you, for not taking out 5 seconds of his time for you, know that he is a player and not a keeper.

8. Runs Away From Socializing With Your Lot:

Meeting the family will be a nightmare for the guy who is in it for the fun part only. It is like Joey knowing every guy at the pizza place when he is only there for the pizza. He would run away from involving your family in matters and give lame excuses for it. It is a great sign of him being a time-waster. Genuine guys like to know us and where we come from to be more informative about our lives; showing no interest in families and friends means that he is not in it for long.

9. No Sharing:

You will find the time waster denying situations where there is a tendency of sharing things, not only material things but things like emotions and past life events. When it comes to opening up about life and he does not let you see through his, it is a sign he does not want you to know too much about him.

True love knows no boundaries, let alone boundaries that keep one from sharing experiences. So either his love is not true or there is no love at all. It is your job to find out and confront him about it for your own good.

10. The Typical Jealous Guy:

Now are the signs that are the worst yet the clearest. He will be the typical jealous guy who wants you to stop contacting every guy you contact if he, himself, is a player. Guys who understand the need to socialize with both genders and trust you with your decisions do not imply their narrow-mindedness on their girlfriends. So if your guy does, he is either insecure because he has cheated before or is only doing it because he does not trust you. Jealousy is cute at times but it can be irritating when it goes off-limits.

11. Has To Run:

When it is about listening to you talk about your day or something that happened the other day, he will be too bored and will find ways to run away. What be clearer than that, really?

Whether it is you calling him asking for a favor or texting him to see how he is doing, he always ˜has to run’ because you are just not important enough. These are guys who like to score and not date. They have little to no dignity when it comes to women because fooling around with someone who is looking for something serious is as cruel as it can be.

12. It’s All About Him:

When he talks about his aims and ambitions he never mentions you. His future has everything but you; that means that he has you for some time only and does not wish to take the relationship any further. As soon as you realize that, abort the mission.

Take all your things and go if you don’t want to be dumped anytime soon. If you think you are attached to him and slowly discover these signs, talk to him bluntly about it. If he does say he wants you in his life but his actions do not agree with the words, choose wisely because for him, it is all about him.

13. Isolated:

A healthy relationship is about doing everything together (except for things like using the toilet etc) and sharing lives with each other, which means getting to know each other’s friends too. If he does not want you anywhere near your friends, he is either embarrassed of them (which is also not a good sign) or does not want you to get too personal.  

Meeting friends means a long-term membership in life; it shows how you are included in everything. If he keeps you away, you are really not that important to him and you absolutely don’t want to live with that.

14. Always The Right One:

When it comes to decision-making, two people dating each other tend to depend on each other’s decision or, at least, their suggestion because that is how partnership works. If you are dating a guy who is only wasting your time, he will never bother asking about what you think is right.

He does what he wants to without much discussion because he is confident he will manipulate you into agreeing with him using emotions. In short, he is willing to take advantage of your calm and understanding nature because the relationship means nothing to him.

15. Forever Ready To Be Physical:

This is the most obvious of signs. Any guy who does not date you for who you are would be ever-ready to run to the bedroom. Sex is literally all they want and it is why they are not willing to invest anything in the relationship. An honest guy would never run after it; you would be the first priority and your comfort his second. If you date guys like Joey Tribbiani and expect them to be like Ross Geller, you are mistaken.

Relationships with time wasters are hollow and meaningless, unless you, yourself, want nothing more than time-waste. It is important you deal with the time wasters if you are looking for a purpose in relationships because the time wasters can go on and on with their time-wasting until they are stopped.

Find yourself a promising man, one who does the opposite of everything mentioned above. Find someone who loves for who you are; there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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