15 Signs He’s Cheating On You

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Are you being cheated on?

1. He doesn’t let you catch a glimpse of his cellphone.

He’s been having mysterious phone calls and text buddies lately. He tries to hide it from you because he doesn’t want you to know he’s cheating on you. If he weren’t guilty, he wouldn’t have a problem leaving his phone lying around for you to see.

2. He doesn’t really broadcast you on his social media.

He is still low-key trying to make himself available to the market, and that’s why he doesn’t want the world to know about you yet. He doesn’t want to make any prospective ladies think that he’s already taken. He wants to let people think that he’s still single. 

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3. He has a sudden dip in his sex drive.

If he stops wanting to have sex with you all of a sudden, it may be because he is finding pleasure elsewhere. A sudden dip in his sex drive might mean that you no longer do it for him and that he is having other sexual partnerships that you don’t know of.

4. He tries to deflect by accusing you of being a cheater.

One of the most common defense mechanisms that liars use is deflection. They will try to deflect whatever accusations are hurled at them to the accusers. They will start saying that you are the cheater and that you are the one who is being unfaithful. 

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5. He makes dramatic changes with his looks.

A new hairstyle all of a sudden? A new wardrobe? A clean shaven face after sporting a beard or mustache for so long? Watch out for drastic changes in physical appearance. It may mean that he has recently had a romantic lifestyle change as well. 

6. His dressing patterns are really weird.

It would be weird for him to dress down and casual on date nights with you and then he dresses up really nice for a night out with the guys right? You can bet that he isn’t dressing up for the boys. He’s probably trying to impress another girl. 

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7. He spends more time at the office or with the guys.

A lot more late nights at work? Spending another night out with the guys? Something seems off here. Perhaps you should do a little digging of your own to find out if he really is telling the truth about his late night plans. 

8. He keeps blowing off dates with you.

If he keeps on cancelling on you for other things, then that creates a whole world of problems in the relationship. It may mean that he no longer values you and that he doesn’t want to devote too much time for you. It may also mean that he wants to invest his time in other romantic opportunities with other women. 

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9. He compensates on his guilt by being uncharacteristically nice to you.

If he’s being nice to you all of a sudden, then be very suspicious. You probably know your man very well, and if you know that he isn’t the type who buys you flowers, and yet you find flowers on your bed when you get home, then you can bet something is up. Sometimes, cheaters cover up their sins by overcompensating with niceness. 

10. He gets very irritable whenever you start questioning him.

If you happen to trap him with your questions, he will start to lash out. His guilt will take the best of him and he will throw a fit. He will try to distract you from the truth with his anger.

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11. He drops subtle hints about him not deserving you.

If the guilt weighs heavily on him, it’s going to come out in some shape or form. If he keeps dropping subtle hints about how you are too good to him or that he doesn’t deserve you, then you can bet that something fishy is going on. 

12. He keeps dropping a name of a particular girl when he’s with you.

He compares you to this girl whenever you get into arguments. He tells you a story about this girl even though you weren’t talking about her in the first place. This girl seems to always be on his mind and you have to be concerned about that.

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13. He adjusts his privacy settings on social media to hide from you.

He doesn’t want you to see those tagged photos of him that might compromise him. He doesn’t want you to know about his extracurricular activities; the ones that might get him in trouble with you. 

14. He has financial expenses that he isn’t explaining to you.

You see that he keeps on being short financially even though it wasn’t like this before. You used to be so open about your finances, but now he’s being all secretive. He might be having to support two women nowadays. You better ask him about it. 

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15. He is always looking to pick a fight with you to guilt you into making him mad.

He found a new girl. He wants you guys to break up at this point. That’s why he is always trying to start something with you. He wants you to feel how much you frustrate him whenever you’re together. He wants to make you the guilty one in this situation. 

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