15 Signs Your Best Friend Isn’t Really Your Friend

Friendships are absolutely integral in life. And girls, in particular, are going to want to rely on their girlfriends for support throughout various aspects of life.

However, you also know that there are plenty of people in this world who just can’t be trusted. Even the people who act like they’re your best friends can be the most dangerous people in your life.

And you always want to make sure that you protect yourself from these people. They are conniving and they might hurt you in the long run. You must always make it a point to keep yourself guarded.

That is why whenever you find that your friends are actually exhibiting a lot of the signs that are listed here, then you need to be careful.

You have to make sure that you don’t really allow yourself to trust a woman who is untrustworthy. So, without much further ado, here are a few signs that your best friend isn’t actually a friend at all.

1. Every time you get together, she makes it all about her.

She always wants to be the center of attention in your group of friends. She is very self-centered and she always relies on the validation of others.

2. She always makes excuses to not hang out with you and your other friends.

She is constantly trying to find excuses to not hang out with you and your friends. That means that she doesn’t really enjoy your companionship so much.

3. She is constantly complaining and arguing with you.

She is always arguing and picking fights with you. The two of you just can’t seem to agree on much. And whenever she’s not trying to argue with you, she’s just complaining about something.

4. She always generates drama whenever she’s around you.

She’s always just attracting drama into her life and yours. Instead of just trying to make your life easier, she makes it a lot more stressful and complicated with all the drama that she’s touting around and instigating.

5. She doesn’t really share anything intimate about herself.

You don’t really feel like you know her too well enough because of how little she talks about herself. She doesn’t really like to open up about anything personal or intimate.

6. She is constantly competing with her friends.

She is in constant competition with you and her other friends. She can never just be happy for someone who might find success or achievement in life. She always wants to be the one who comes out on top.

7. She resorts to lying and deceit to get attention.

She lies and crafts all of these false stories about herself just so she can gain peoples’ attention and sympathy. She really isn’t keen on being honest with the people around her.

8. She only ever wants to hang out if she needs something.

The only times she ever wants to hang out is when she needs something from her so-called friends. But if it’s rather inconvenient for her, then she would never show up.

9. She isn’t the kind of girl who helps her ‘friends’ reach their goals.

She would never really do any effort in helping her ‘friends’ reach whatever goals or dreams that they might set for themselves.

10. She talks ill of friends whenever they aren’t around.

She’s so quick to talk ill of people behind their backs. You can never feel like you are safe with her because it’s likely that she talks to other people about you behind your back as well.

11. She reveals secrets and intimate details of her friends to others.

She doesn’t really understand the value of discretion and trust. She is so quick to just blab about the many intimate details and secrets that her friends entrust unto her.

12. She gets jealous when her friends hang out with others.

She gets very possessive of her friends. She thinks that she has some kind of ownership or control over the people she considers to be her friends.

13. There is a gut feeling that things are just off.

Your instincts are just telling you that there is something that is really off with her. You can just feel it really deep down in your gut that she’s a woman you definitely can’t trust.

14. She doesn’t make her friends feel like they’re accepted.

She is always putting her friends down about something. She is always making them feel like they’re not good enough and that there are various things about them that they need to change.

15. She has a reputation for being a terrible friend.

She actually has a reputation for being a terrible friend to other people. You should definitely take that as a sign that she’s just going to make for a very terrible friend in general.

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