15 Signs Your Guy Might Be A Loser And It Has Nothing To Do With You

Ladies, don’t get played.

A lot of girls are just too nice. They give their men a second chance, a third chance, a seventh chance, a hundredth chance only to be let down time and time again. They still believe that their men will eventually take a turn and change for the better. They believe that love will give them the ability to grow into more mature and responsible individuals only to be disappointed. They think that they can change their men to become better people and they will fail miserably at doing so.

Ladies, if you find that your man is just beyond fixing, do yourself a favor and just walk away. Go and find yourself a man who no longer needs fixing. Get with a man who has his life put together. You don’t need nor deserve to be someone’s nanny. You can’t be constantly looking after some guy to make sure that he’s doing okay. If he’s mature enough to be in a relationship with you, then he should be mature enough to take care of himself.


Here are a few signs that your guy is just a plain loser and you should just stop trying so hard to love him.

 1. He doesn’t have a good career going for him. He doesn’t have a stable source of income and he doesn’t really know what he’s doing with his life. He isn’t planning for the future and his primary concern is living in the moment.

2. He is too proud to apologize to you whenever he screws up. He is very insecure and he hates it whenever his ego gets damaged. He thinks he is above apologies and that he could do no wrong. He believes too much in himself and he doesn’t take criticism too well.

3. He hasn’t grown at all as an individual ever since you started the relationship. He has stagnated and plateaued somehow. He hasn’t had any substantial development and he just isn’t growing up as a person.

4. Even his family is telling you that he’s a mess. They’re telling you that you deserve better and that you shouldn’t be wasting your time on a guy like him. They tell you that he’s a lost cause and that you should just walk away from the relationship.

5. He is too demanding and controlling even though he has no right to be. He barely even has his own life organized and he’s trying to control yours too. You would be wise to try and not get hit in the crossfire. If he’s destroying his own life, there’s no reason for him to be bringing you down with him.

6. Finances aren’t important to him. He doesn’t know how to manage his money properly. He keeps spending his money on pointless toys and pleasure. He has no financial responsibility whatsoever and he is practically financially illiterate.

7. He doesn’t even remember whenever it’s your birthday. All the time.

8. He treats you as his personal bank account because he never has money for himself. He acts like you’re some ATM he can go to whenever he wants something. He doesn’t know how hard you work for your money. And he also doesn’t know the value of money. He’s like a little child in a toy store. 

9. He lies to you often. He doesn’t respect you enough to think that you are worthy of the truth. He is always hiding his real intentions. He is always concealing the truth from you. He will lie his way out of trouble whenever given the opportunity.

10. He doesn’t ask you about your day or about how you’re feeling. He only thinks of himself and he is incredibly selfish.

11. He doesn’t have a solid group of friends who stay with him all the time. All his friends are temporary. They meet him and then they get to know him and they inevitably ditch him. The more they get to know him, the more they discover that he is bad news and he is the kind of guy that people should avoid being associated with.

12. He always gets in trouble with the law. He’s drunk driving. He’s engaged in domestic violence. He’s stealing stuff from a convenience store.

13. He isn’t comfortable with conflict. Whenever confronted, he’s just going to walk away from the conversation. He doesn’t know how to argue constructively and so he will withdraw from any pressure situations

14. He cheats on you both physically and emotionally. He doesn’t care about how his infidelity makes you feel just as long as he is happy.

15. He doesn’t give a damn about how your parents or friends feel about him. He doesn’t care about how important they are to you. He is going to keep on doing his own thing.

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  1. Wow. Reading this was far too scary and sad. Literally every single one of these is my boyfriend besides #1, #8 and #12. Yet, my love for him is so incredibly strong and genuine I can’t seem to say goodbye. The thought of not being with him churns my stomach. I know he isn’t good for me but I can’t walk away. 🙁

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