15 “Small Things” That Actually Mean A Lot To Her

Think about the simplest and smallest gestures that you do for your girl on a day to day basis. You might not think much of them because of the minimal effort that you put into them. But the truth is that these little gestures can actually go a really long way with your relationship. And you should never disregard the value of the little things that you do for your woman on a consistent basis.

Even the simplest things that you do can actually mean the world to her. Every single effort that you make to put a smile on her face is essentially proving to her just how important she is to you. It’s going to make her feel deeply valued and appreciated – and that’s important in any kind of romantic relationship.

Sure, the grand gestures and big statements are always going to have their place in relationships. But ultimately, when it comes to building the love and intimacy in the relationship, it’s mostly made up of the little things. It’s the consistency of these simple gestures that really build the level of closeness that the two of you might have with one another. It doesn’t need to be her birthday or your anniversary for you to do something nice to her. Be kind and loving to her on a daily basis – and that’s how you’re going to make your love last for the ages.

That is why if you ever find yourself questioning the value of the little things that you do for her, don’t. They really do matter. They go along way in strengthening the bond that you have in your relationship. And if you need a little reminder, refresher, or crash course on what exactly you can do to make your woman happier in the relationship, then here are a few ideas.

  1. Kiss her on the forehead in the morning right when you wake up. And remind her of how beautiful she is even before she starts to get ready for the day.
  2. Give her a compliment about her hair or outfit piece that she would assume that you typically gloss over or fail to notice. It shows that you have great attention to detail.
  3. Text her that a song came on the radio and it made you think about her and a particular memory that the two of you have shared with each other.
  4. Whenever she’s away at work, send her cute little texts throughout the day just to remind her that she always has someone who is thinking of her.
  5. Make an effort to always be kind and respectful to the people who are closest to her heart. She’s going to see that effort and greatly appreciate you for it.
  6. Don’t just make an effort to help her out with chores and errands only whenever you feel like it. Actually own up to certain responsibilities in maintaining the household and deliver on your commitments.
  7. Get up early and make breakfast for her so that when she wakes up, she already has food waiting for her on the table and she won’t have to worry about cooking anymore.
  8. Just sit down next to her and ask her about how her day went. And when she starts opening up to you, make sure that you’re actually paying attention and listening to what she’s saying.
  9. Don’t just wait for the special moments before you tell her you love her. She’s never going to get tired of you telling her that you love her. Don’t be withholding of your expressions of love towards her.
  10. Allow her to take control of the music whenever you are on long car rides together and actually sing along to the songs that she likes.
  11. Surprise her with a random trip to anywhere. It doesn’t have to be anything too lavish. You can just drive to a nearby spot together so that the two of you can be alone.
  12. Buy her a fresh bouquet of flowers even when it isn’t Valentine’s or your anniversary. Do it just because you want to see her happy.
  13. Look into her eyes as you deliver a compliment towards her. This will make her feel like you’re being really genuine and sincere with your compliment.
  14. Engage in some very light and tasteful PDA with her. Hug her when you see her. Kiss her. Hold her hand as you’re walking alongside each other.
  15. Ask for her opinion on things. Ask for her advice. Make her feel like her opinion genuinely matters to you.

These are only a few examples and you definitely shouldn’t limit yourself to these things. At the end of the day, there isn’t going to be a shortage of ways in which you can express your love for your partner.

  1. It’s really sad in today’s world that you (the male) have to make all the effort!! God forbid the female do or say something nice about you!!!

  2. We do all of these things!!! Relationship is a two way, it’s not always that you’re bf is the only one doing these things listed here. They would also appreciate little things like this 🙂

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